Title: Costume Senior Technician

    Career orientation: new technology research and development and information exchange

    Expertise: clothing version, production process, technical management, quality control.

    In 2005, it was awarded the title of “Technologist in Shandong Apparel Industry”.

    In 2006, the chief board of the “Wang Peina Clothing Studio” of Qingdao Designer Venture Base.

    In 2010, he was awarded the honorary title of “Top Ten Board Fighters in Shandong Province”.

    In 2013, the first national top ten plate maker finals won the national "Excellent Plate Master" award.

    In 2014, it was awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Technical Talent” in Shandong Garment Industry. Successfully held Nosha's first edition of the teacher exchange meeting in Hangzhou.


    LIWEI.XIE, born in 1979 in Jiangsu.

    In 2001, graduated from Tianjin Institute of Light Industry with a bachelor's degree in fashion design.

    Engaged in clothing and home textile design for 12 years. In 2013, he founded the independent designer brand LEEWAY.

    Advocating freedom, independence, individuality, design and living conditions, pursuing the perfect combination of vision and touch. The design is not just a product but a refined, textured living state.

    In 2014, she won the Bronze Award in Fashion Week.


    SHENGYI designer Wang Shengyi, born in Qingdao, China, graduated from STUDIO BERCOT Paris Fashion Design Institute. After graduation, he worked as an intern and work for Thomas Engal Hart, Rick Owens, Bruno Pieters and other brands. In 2012, he founded the same name SHENGYI in Paris.

    Combat armor uniforms in the military museums of Paris for centuries; photos of Joseph Petrocelli, Toni Schneiders, Donata Wenders; Giorgio de Chirico's paintings and so on have inspired designers.

    The silhouette is simple, the lines are neat, the craftsmanship is meticulous, the fabric is comfortable and experimental, and the subtle details worthy of playfulness create a calm elegance.


    LEI. MENG,

    Born in Hebei in 1980.

    In 2000, he graduated from Tianjin Textile Institute.

    Engaged in fashion design work for more than 10 years, and won the Fashion Week Silver Award in 2013. In 2014, the company created the independent designer men's brand brand Sanshi. It advocates the concept of natural and environmentally friendly life, using pure natural materials to reflect the new fashion design.

    Brand and design concept: presence, quality, design, expresses various emotions in the simplest language, pays attention to the wearer's feelings and experience, reflects their own sense of existence, and has a unique sense of belonging, using natural materials. Traditional materials reflect avant-garde design. Intricate and wide, including complex and exquisite tailoring and craftsmanship, without too much language and interpretation, let love become a natural thing.


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listen to our customers

    • Customer1
    • Liancan is a high-end original design brand women's wear under the Beijing Heart Rupture E-Commerce Co., Ltd. The brand was officially launched in February 2014.

      Its brand mission is to create exotic, mysterious, romantic and ecstasy artistic temperament for consumers through innovative design, fashionable colors and exquisite craftsmanship on the basis of maintaining the original source. This coincides with the pursuit of design art and crafts by Qingdao J&F model props.

      Qingdao J&F model props cooperated with Liancan in depth, using its years of industrial production experience and years of design experience combined with Italian fashion designers to create a bohemian romantic style model props for Liancan. Its unique shape just proves that Qingdao J&F model props have excellent custom design production capacity, and can maintain a superb design sense while satisfying customers' diversified customization requirements.

    • Customer2
    • Founded in the early 1970s, VICTORIA'S SECRET is part of the Intimate Brands Group, a leading mid- to high-end apparel manufacturer in the United States. Since its inception, the company's name has been synonymous with charm, romance, connivance and women's underwear. The company's underwear sales per minute is more than 600 pieces!

      Victoria's secret is the world's leading underwear brand. Under the unique style, color and design, it has become a fashionable brand for women around the world.

      Victoria's Secret is one of the most famous and sexy lingerie brands in the world. Victoria's Secret's definition of sexy glamour has long been clear, the angel's long hair is naturally micro-volume, like just waking up and not yet grooming or experiencing a perfect sex. The face is naturally charming, the red face and the smoggy eyes are like the lips that have just kissed.

      The following is a set of women's model props designed by J&F clothing model props for Victoria's secret.

      According to the style of Victoria's secret underwear theme, we designed a set of underwear model props, highlighting the sexy and feminine of its women's underwear, fully demonstrating the style of its underwear, wearing a female underwear model props.

    • Customer3
    • E.LAND was born in 1980. Before entering mainland China, this brand of clothing has been exported to the United States. The main target is American college students. The brand logo is a cute puppy, a college student, a handout or a book. Book, or carry a backpack, wear a baseball cap, wear a plaid shirt, khaki pants, basketball shoes, bear model.

      The E.LAND Group has 15 subsidiaries in 6 countries around the world. Among them are the parent company of E.LAND Group, E?LAND for adult casual wear, E?LANDWORLD for children's wear/underwear, DECO for women's formal wear, ELINTERNATIONAL, and 2001OUTLET, the only large discount supermarket in Korea, LEAD, E. BUSINESS, E.LANDSYSTEMS for Consulting, FRANCIA for furniture business, large department store NEWCORE, etc.

      J&F model props and E.LAND have in-depth cooperation for the design and development of many groups of model props to get full and recognition of E.LAND. It highlights the brand's personality and highlights the brand value.

    • Customer4
    • ZIOTELLO adheres to the low-key elegance and introverted luxury brand style, "using people's reflection, deconstructing men's code." After years of accumulation, ZIOTELLO still admires reflection and has a long-lasting innovative charm. Learn to experience the joy that freedom and wisdom bring us from life, adhering to the style of simplicity, exquisiteness and easy to take.

      J&F clothing model cooperated with ZIOTELLO to design and manufacture a variety of clothing model props, and received praise. ZIOTELLO model purchasing person in charge said that J&F brand model perfectly interprets its clothing connotation, greatly enhances the display effect of clothing, and sales volume also grows. . If you choose a clothing model prop manufacturer, you should choose a manufacturer with rich experience in the production of historical model props such as J&F.