2020 New Fashion Styling Display Mannequins, Make Your Showcase More Fashionable

February 27, 2020

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Sometimes when we are passing by on the street, we can’t help but look at a beautiful girl waring a colorful dress, even though the dress is not spend too much. And sometimes, a good display mannequin just like a good salesgirl, which can help you catch the clients’ hearts at first sight. Though our wigs, hats, or any other decor goods will in a high quality and good looks, if we just put them in the sales cabinet, the sales effect may only be mediocre. And our display mannequins will help you to catch the clients thought of buying them.

To adapt to clients demand, after a whole year designing and testing, our manufactory takes several kinds of new ranges of more realistic mannequin heads with whole eyeballs, which can make a lifelike display to show the wigs so that more customers can come through your showcase or video automatically, to feel from the heart, “I like it!” “That’s my style!” “Loving it!”, and then they will confirm the order to you in a few minutes.

That’s also what we want!

And to meet different display requirements, we have designed different types of wig mannequins with eyeballs, such as mannequin head bust, bald little head stand, medium size mannequin heads in the size of 46~47cm. And for the eyeball parts, we can supply round type eyeball ones, oval type eyeball ones, and the pupil model ones.

1. Round whole eyeball ones:

Just as the picture shown is the display mannequin with whole eyeballs. Cause the whole eyeballs is more likely as our own eyeballs, that makes the mannequins more vivid for the video shows, or showcase shows. With some other decors display together, the exhibition will be much more realistic image, substitute a strong feeling.

2. Oval type eyelids ones:

This type mannequin heads are usually used for bald PVC mannequin heads for short wigs displaying, beret hats displaying. The eyeballs can be customized to match the skin color you need, and even the makeups can be customized to fit for the whole exhibition effect.

3. The Pupils ones:

Why call it pupils ones? Just because we adjust the pupils parts in the middle of the mannequins only. In that way, the mannequins just need to adjust the pupils of the eyes, and the eye looks as usual, but it can help you to save cost by changing the styles of the eye styles.


All of these mannequins are now in stock, welcome your order!

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