Enter hairdressing profession at the beginning, presumably everybody also compares novel how to learn hairdressing, learn from where.Don't panic, here we will share with you hair management, hair technology, the latest fashion styling skills, walk in the forefront of hair fashion, let all hair problems solved.

The beginning of basic skill of hairdressing is to learn to cut hair.There are a variety of hair cutting techniques and tools, so here are some of the most basic tips:

1. Operation skills of saw and shear:

A. The scissors and the hair should be cut diagonally up or down, not in parallel. Instead, they should be moved diagonally so as not to overlap and affect the hair level.

B. The serrated part should be well considered and well known.The place that says a hair is thick generally should cut more, the place with little hair, especially bingle and head road both sides should cut less.

2. Operation skills of scissors hair shaving:

A. When cutting your hair with scissors, the scissors blade should be slightly open. Place the occasional hair caught between your fingers in the sequined blade.Cut when the wrist is forced appropriate, overweight hair is cut off too much, too small it is cut off hair.

B. Hold the hair between your fingers when cutting, and keep the tension so that the hair can be easily cut off.

C. When cutting and cutting, it is necessary to master the range of scissors blade sliding on the hair. Generally, the larger the Angle, the smaller the nib, and the larger the smaller the nib.

3. Razor operation skills:

A. Razor hair to master the razor and hair Angle, generally between 20°~45° Angle is appropriate, the Angle of the large nib small, the Angle of the small nib large, the Angle is too small, the hair is easy to turn up, also damage the hair.

B. how much the razor slides over the hair determines how much and how much hair is cut.The range of the razor slide to cut off the hair more, the formation of a high level;The razor delimits the range of small cut off the hair less, the formation of low levels

C. when the razor cuts hair, the wrist joint is flexible, the force is appropriate, the hair that cuts out is softer

4. Clamping operation skills:

A. Hold the hair between your fingers and determine the length of the hair

B. The clipped hair per share should be straight, and the clipped hair per share should be connected to each other, that is, the Angle of the clipped hair per share should be paid attention to to avoid disconnection

C. understand the relationship between the Angle and the level of the haircut.Level is to point to the arrangement that the hair has order, its hair tip presents certain gradient, he is the important component in hairstyle structure.The Angle of the trim is closely related to the level.Generally, parallel slices are cut to form a low level or a layer, while vertical slices are cut to form a high level.Different parts of the different Angle of the formation of different layers of pruning.

The upper middle part of the hair is cut at different angles to form different layers.The lower part of the hair upward vertical shard horizontal trim, the formation of a more moderate level;If trim downward, form low level;Prune upward to form a higher level

The side part of the hair is cut vertically to the side, forming different layers at different angles.Press 90 degrees to call perpendicular clip, level is more moderate;Press 45 degrees to call up inclined shear, form high level;According to 45 degrees is called synclinal shear, then the level is low or horizontal lamination


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