5 Tips to Help You Choose a Better Display ...

January 09, 2020

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The way to choose a fitful display mannequin head, and how to use a wig head.


1.Once you've selected the display head you want to buy, you can search for it through the nearest wig shop and buy one in person. You can find one with the size and type based on your preferences. The price range of the display heads is from $25 to several hundred dollars. Make sure you find a product that fits your needs and budget.

2.You can also buy wig heads at online boutiques or directly supply manufacturers. However, when buying a wig head online, you should keep an eye on its size, skin tone, quality, and style.

3.To make sure the size you want, you can use a soft tape measure in your wig, make sure you wrap the tape around your wig and the measurements match the size of the wig.

4.The most sale well circumference of a wig head is 22 inches, and we also have a display head size of 21 inches, 23 inches. A  fabric-covered cork head can be better adjusted according to the actual size of the wig.Make sure that the wig cap is close to the display head so that the size of the display does not deform the wig.

Many wigs have attachments that can be adjusted to the size of the scalp. But if you find a wig head that best fits your head's circumference measurement, that will keep your wig in better shape.

5.Some wigs also contain double-sided tape to hold them in place. If you're bald, you might want to wear a block cap under your hat to prevent the wig from irritating your skin. When you place a wig onto the display mannequin head, be sure to keep the wig hat and display head both clean to avoid any subsequent scalp discomfort due to either side. Besides, please be careful that there are scratches on the surface of the PVC or FRP display head caused by wearing clips.

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