There’s a wide variety of child mannequin heads for sale with various functions. Some head models are with hair and some are not. Some head models are with faces and some are not.  Anyway, it’s a kind of model pop that is made by imitating a baby’s head. With the popularity of children’s garments and cosmetology, child mannequin heads have been found more and more uses. 

1. Baby mannequin head model with a wig

The baby mannequin head is made from PE which is a kind of Eco-friendly plastic. The gross weight of it is 1.1 kg. It has realistic hand-painted eyes and vivid eyelashes. The eyebrows are also painted by hands. They are quite suitable to display hats, scarves, wigs, jewelry, and so on. The wig on the head model can be removed, while it’s more lively to display hats, scarves with the wig. 

There’re two kinds of sizes for baby girl manikin head and baby boy manikin head separately to meet different demands of customers. For boy mannequin heads, the sizes are 11.4 inches and 12.9 inches, while it’s 12.9 inches and 15.3 inches for girls. The height ranges from 5.4 inches to 6.9 inches. The price is $10. If the order amount is over 100, the head model wholesales for less than ten dollars. 

2. Faceless child mannequin heads for sale

The head is made from fiberglass and the base is made from a stainless steel plate, so it’s very stable to stand. It’s a very simple head torso to display wigs, hats, caps, and so on. The color of it is white and makes people feel neat. Being faceless, it doesn’t attract attention and people will pay more attention to the products on it. The price is $30. 

3. Millinery display head mannequin

Two parts composed this child mannequin head for sale. The faceless head is made from fiberglass and the base plate is made from wood. The wood’s characteristic veining provides an aesthetic value for it. It can be used as a head model for display and can also be regarded as a piece of artwork. 

There’re 3 sizes for the head circumference: 13.8 inches, 16.2 inches, and 18 inches. The weight of it is 2.5 kg. This kind of manikin head is used to display hats for girls especially. And the white color can set off the hats more bright. It can be used both at home and in a store. The price is $30. 

4. Child mannequin heads with hair

All the above child mannequin heads for sale are without hair and there’s also a kind of head with hair. The hair was sewed on the head instead of covering wigs. It has not only the function of display but also makeup and hairstyling. This doll head with a cute appearance and expression is mainly used by girls. The following outstanding features make it quite easy to clarify. 

First, it is very sweet, cute, and lovely with a cartoon face,  Girls will fall in love with it at a glance. Second, both mums and girls can practice their hairstyle weaving skills by this. The hair is long enough to make any form of hairstyle. Practice gives a wonderful facility. The relationship between mother and girl can be promoted in this interactive way. Third, imagination and creative ability can be strengthened. 

There are two types of this baby head model: face with makeup and face without makeup. If you just want the doll head just for hairstyle weaving, you can pick the first one. If you want to practice both hairstyle weaving and makeup, the last one is a better choice. It should be noted that a kind of professional clearing water is needed to remove the makeup for protection and reuse. 

When you decide to buy child mannequin heads for sale for your kids, try to teach them some basic knowledge of makeup and making hairstyles. They need to learn to use only as directed, and only by that can they make long-term use of them. The relationship between mother and girl can also be promoted in this interactive way. If you are a shopkeeper who wants mannequin heads, you can consult the following website.