How to become the hit with heads for Halloween at a Halloween party? As we all know, Halloween is a spooky and scary night and people dress up on Halloween. A proper head prop can help you become popular at the party. 5 pieces of Halloween heads are provided below for your information. 

1. DIY Halloween severed head

It’s made from craft foam by carving into a human head’s shape. Except for that a foam brush, a foam pad, and a black ink pad, a fabric stiffener, a cheesecloth, a jute hemp rope, a cookie sheet, and coffee are also needed. If you want your DIY Halloween severed head more realistic and gorier, you can also prepare some acrylic paint. If you have no idea how to carve, you can just buy a mannequin head online. 

After finishing carving, the most important step is to make up, and it matters the whole effect. You can use a few characters that are scary in the movies or TV dramas for reference. Or you can use your imagination and make up the manikin head freely. One thing must be guaranteed that the scarier the better. 

2. Headed horror clown head

The headed horror clown head is made from latex, artificial hair, and foam-filled horror clown decoration. The size of it is about 9.8 x 6.3 inches. The severed clown decoration is hand-painted which seems incredibly realistic. The shining eyes and decadent teeth make the clown head quite vivid. There’re four colors for you to choose which are white, orange, blue, and red. 

When you choose heads for Halloween, a horror clown head is a good option to be regarded as a creepy Halloween decoration. Most people will be scared just for a glance. The bright color of it also adds a vibrant and creepy atmosphere to the party. You can also pick up some supplementary tools to collocate it, such as amputated fingers, broken faces, and so on. 

3. Head in a jar costume

This is quite a unique costume for Halloween, and you can become a hit at the party. Two pictures of a head with a profile and a portrait are needed to make this. A funny expression would be better. To make it vivid, you need the photo editor to compose these two pictures into one appearing a three-dimensional effect. 

After printing the picture, you need to laminate it to prevent corrosion, as it’s necessary to submerge it into water. When you are finding a jar to contain it, a glass jar is advised. It’s transparent to see the picture. Moreover, it’s advised to add dye into the water to make a creepy atmosphere. Finally, put the picture into the jar. You can hide your head with a long-style coat and carry the head model in your hands.

4. Pumpkin heads

Pumpkin heads are the most common heads for Halloween. As the name implies, a pumpkin head is made from a pumpkin. There’re two types of these heads. One is carved with a real pumpkin. Usually, we only need to carve the eyes and the mouth, as the shape of the pumpkin is similar to the shape of a human being. A toothed mouth is advised for adding a scary feeling. 

The other kind of pumpkin head is a skull horror mask. It’s made from latex with the color and shape of a pumpkin. It’s more vivid and creepier than the first one kind. It’s proper for both adults and kids. The price of it is $18.99. 

5. Full head masks

It’s in the same situation as the above pumpkin head horror mask. It’s also made from latex. A wide variety of modelings are made for this, such as a skull, a monkey, a fish, a monster, and so on. All these are made by imitating the real creatures and some scary factors are added to cater to the scary atmosphere of Halloween. You can just choose the heads you like. The price ranges from $13.88 to $27.88. 

No matter which kind of heads for Halloween will you choose, just make sure to match it with the costume. And you will make half the work with double results. The DIY Halloween heads are more advised as that will become an unforgettable experience for you and more valuable.