A DIY Halloween severed head must become the center of attention, as Halloween is a spooky and scary night. Westerners have many ways to celebrate Halloween and what we all know is that children with various costumes knock and say “trick or treat”. Dressing up, role-playing, and masquerade are the key to success. 5 steps are advised below to tell how to make a severed head. 

1. Prepare materials and equipment needed

The craft foam is the main prop to make a Halloween head model. You can just carve it into a head shape with facial features. If you have no idea how to carve, you can purchase a finished shape. Theres a wide variety of mannequin heads on the website and you can buy one head model especially used for makeup. 

At the same time, a foam brush, a foam pad, and a black ink pad are needed to match it. Besides, we also need a fabric stiffener, a cheesecloth, a jute hemp rope, a cookie sheet, and coffee. If you want your DIY Halloween severed head more realistic and gorier, you can prepare some acrylic paint. 

2. Dye the cheesecloth

The cheesecloth is quite an important supplement to the whole head model decoration, and we need to handle it carefully. The material we choose to dye is not a chemical dye, as we just dye it a faint and natural color. And coffee and tea are both for your option. Lets take coffee for example. In a large mixing bowl, dissolve instant coffee with hot water and then immerse the cheesecloth in the coffee. 

After squeezing out the water in the cheesecloth, hang it outside to air-dry. If you are hurry for this, you can put it in the oven to dry it. After finishing that, spread it on a cookie sheet and now its in a beige. The first step for the severed head is ready up for now. 

3. Makeup the DIY Halloween severed head

This is the most important step for the whole process, as it matters the whole effect. You can use a few characters that are scary in the movies or TV dramas for reference. Or you can use your imagination and make up the manikin head freely. One thing must be guaranteed that the scarier the better. 

First, use the black ink with a sponge as the foundation and draw the mouth and eyes black. On this basis, stroke red eye shadow on the eyelids and put on some lipstick on the mouth. Finally, scars can be applied to enhance the effect. Draw a faint scar running the length of the severed head models cheek. 

4. Cover the cheesecloth on the head prop

When you finish the makeup, the cheesecloth is dry. Put it into a bowl and squeeze some fabric stiffener into the bowl, and then stir them evenly. Make sure the cheesecloth absorbs the fabric stiffener fully. Then spread the cheesecloth out and cover the manikin head with it. For better tight-fitting, a foam brush can be used to paste the cheesecloth with some glue. 

5. Final decoration to the DIY Halloween severed head

At this moment, the cheesecloth is scattered on the head and we need to fix it to the neck. Tie the cheesecloth on the neck of the head model with a jute hemp rope making a nice bow, and subtract the excess part. Then the cheesecloth will fit better the face and the head. There is redundant cheesecloth at the bottom; it can be modified for better effect. 

First, stretch out the cheesecloth all around the mannequin head. Second, make a decorative border or lace trimming with a scissor. Its no need to be quite delicate. Irregular shapes can stress individual character and the view worth higher. Last, a few drops of red color can be put on the edge of the cheesecloth, and it will have a slightly spooky look especially at night. 

The prominent character of this DIY Halloween severed head is its lightweight. It can be taken walking around with one hand. You can hide your head with a long-style coat and carry the head model in your hands. It will be an unforgettable experience both for you and your friends.