The doll head styling stand is more and more popular with the wide application of the doll mannequin heads. When you buy the doll heads for makeup and hairstyling, it’s quite necessary to get the headstands to match them. It will be quite convenient for any operation. 5 different kinds of headstands are advised below for your information. 

Doll head table clamp wig stand

This kind of doll head styling stand is approximately 8.86*2.87 inches and the width for the table is 1.57 inches in maximum. The package size is 7.28*5.91*217 inches, while the weight is approximately 4.48oz. The shell is constructed of ABS and the inner is constructed of metal with an anti-slip design. It’s equipped with a black pad that can keep the doll head where it is, even it’s pulled vigorously. 

This doll head table clamp fits perfectly and securely on the edge of a counter and a canvas head can be mounted on it for wig styling. There’re two prominent advantages of it. First, the height-adjusting pad is equipped to fully meet the needs of any height. Second, it can be rotated to any angle for various demands. There’re many colors, such as yellow, rose red, dark blue, light blue, and so on for you to choose from. The price is $10.91.

Heavy-duty tripod cosmetology training doll headstand

This kind of doll head styling stand is a professional stand with a 1-year warranty. It’s made from an aluminum alloy which makes the tripod much reliable than others. This doll headstand is equipped with a height-adjusting pad, and you can get three different heights which are 23.6 inches, 46.5 inches, and 63 inches. The weight of it is 4.9lbs. 

The diameter of the tripod top head is 0.8 inches and it fits most of the mannequin heads, canvas blockheads, styrofoam heads, and display heads. The top base of the doll headstand is updated from plastic to metal to provide the customers a better experience. The price of it is $59.99. 

Professional sturdy doll headstand

This kind of doll head styling stand is made from plating finished iron which makes the headstand more durable and sturdy than ordinary stands. It’s adjustable for the height and you can just adjust it per your needs. It fits training heads, mannequin heads, doll heads,  hairdressing heads, and so on. There’s only one color which is silver. 

The most outstanding feature of it is the plate. When you put on the mannequin head on the stand, the pate is just right down there. It’s very convenient for you to place and pick up brushes, hairdryers, and other hairdressing tools on it. It’s a pole in the shape and there’s a round metal base at the bottom which makes the stand more stable. It’s also convenient and easy to carry. The price of it is about $23. 

Sculpting doll headstand

It’s a small-sized doll head stand specialized for sculpture.  The total height of it is 6 inches and it’s very easy to carry. A metal pole with two wooden spacer beads is fixed on the round wooden base and it’s adjustable for the head height. There’re three rubber disks at the bottom of the wooden base and it will be convenient to fix and remove the whole equipment. 

Mini Tripod doll headstand

This headstand is made from metal in black. The item size is approximately 14.57*0.83 inches and the package size is 14.57*3.15*3.15 inches. The whole weight is 9.28oz. it’s designed with a non-slip base and the legs of the mannequin head can stand on flat ground stably. Despite its lightweight, it’s very sturdy and rarely moves around. The prominent advantage is that it’s convenient to carry and move. 

This doll headstand has 4 sections and can be extended from 8.66 inches to 25.98 inches which can meet the different needs of height. With the exquisite workmanship, the locks of the telescopic legs of the tripod stand are easier to open and close. It’s advised not to be used for hairstyling practice due to its small size. 

The doll head styling stand has become indispensable to the mannequin head practice and training. The above are the most commonly used headstands in our daily life. You may choose from them according to your budget and specific use. Likewise, you may just go online shopping to search for the one you like.