Buying an African American mannequin head for braiding is perfect for practicing your braiding techniques. Whether you use it to test new hairstyles or to show merchandise like a headdress, it also functions well. Therefore, we have searched some good-quality products online as follows to save your time for picking one and tell you some tips to upkeep the mannequin head with hair. 

Kalyx Mannequin Head

According to the product’s description, it is made with 100% human hair, which gives it a vivid outlook and realness to the touch. The hair implantation process is completely made by human hands. The color hair is brown with 10-12 inches hair strands around the entire head. Its Afro hairstyle is made by perming little curls. You can use this product to practice straightening hair, cutting, and coloring. 

Apart from the real hair, the model’s skin and facial expression are also made to be life-real and a table clamp stand is attached in the package as free. The price of this product is around 37$, shipping not included. So if you are interested in the product, you can check on Aliexpress. 

MIAOMANZI Mannequin Head African

Also made with 100% real hair based on its introduction, the product has a neck circumstance of 10 inches. It can serve as a doll gift given to anyone who wants to practice hair styling. It is also suitable for straightening, curling, washing, conditioning cutting, braiding, and so on. A free table clamp is also attached. 

This product has got quite a few positive feedback. Some reviews said the shipping was quick and the hair had a good thickness. However, some reflected the quality problem. In general, it is not bad. The product now is not available on Aliexpress. You can look for it on the brand’s official website. 

Ba Sha African American Training Head

Costing about 35$, with 10 inches of individual hair strands and brown hair shades, this mannequin head is also declared to be 100% real hair made and made by complete handwork. The skin color stimulates the real natural color. The whole outlook is beautiful and natural. 

Baitai Beauties Store Training head Salon Afro Mannequin Head

This product has a coarse and thick Afro hair texture. It is suitable for learning cornrows and different braiding. A bit of shedding at the beginning, but not affects the volume of the hair. It is recommended for new braiding learners and for small children to play with instead of practicing braiding on you. 

Some positive comments as follows:

“Kinky texture hairstyle head” “Super fast delivery and completely satisfied with the quality of the hair” “The hair is soft” This product may satisfy your demand. 

Alileader Afro Training Head Mannequin

At a very low price of less than 20$, the product has a high-cost performance. Having a length of 13 inches and a weight of 510g, this mannequin head looks more delicate than those we have mentioned above and its delivery speed is also fast within the US. Two plastic duck teeth bows clips are given as gifts. 

Tips on caring for your African American mannequin head for braiding

The mannequin head is not very expensive, but well-maintaining can help you save a certain amount of money. Particularly, you need to care for the hair of the mannequin head for braiding.

Avoiding putting the damp mannequin head in a plastic head or it will produce an unpleasant odor. You had better not use a hairdryer with overheated or over-cold temperature to dry its hair. Some of the products to mimic the texture of real hair will be fragile to extreme temperature changes. Using lukewarm water to wash the mannequin head hair is recommended. 

Besides, avoid running your fingers through the hair from the scalp to the end frequently. The scalp part is fragile just as our human hair. You will not want your mannequin head to be bald. Care for the mannequin head hair just like caring for your hair by using a large tooth comb. 

Furthermore, before purchasing an African American mannequin head for braiding, remember to read the instructions by the seller. Generally, the sellers will inform you of how to clean a mannequin head. These methods can help you extend the longevity of the mannequin head with hair.