The Black Styrofoam mannequin head is never out of date due to its classic looks and multi-functional usage. Especially for those who own a table in a craft fair or running his or her fashion business. The black color allows your products to look great, and ended up generating a lot of interest in your table and sales! 

What a good black Styrofoam mannequin head should be

Craft makers enjoy DIY fun and would love to buy foam heads for their hand-made items. Before spending the money, you should know the quality of the head thus you will not waste a bunch of money. Here are some tips to help you understand and select the heads:

▪ Heads should be in excellent condition. This means the finishing and the appearances of the heads should look good and tidy. A velvety finish would hold yarn hats or jewelry nicely in place. This also results in the items slipping and sliding out of place when reviewed by consumers.

▪Very lightweight, and easy to transport or carry. As you may need to use them as a display stand, it would be much easier for you to take them anywhere if their weight is light. But also pay attention that the heads are stable so will not tip over when you put things on them. If it is not strong, your items will fall thus get damaged.

▪The attractive black color with subtle non-distracting human features allows items to stand out. If it is faceless, consumers may focus on the products more. This is how the beauty and unique features of the items will be highlighted.

▪The size should fit your items. For example, you may choose a slightly smaller foam head than an average adult one, the size makes hats easy to apply without having them stretch out 

Female black Styrofoam mannequin head

Women’s clothing and accessories are always diversified in colors or designs. Sometimes collectors may use head models to display new shopping gains and collections. Black matches all colors, a black plastic display head is a good choice for them.

This kind of item allows women to pick it up and take it down easily. You could use it not only for wigs display but also the display stand for hats, necklaces, or even masks. If your foam head has pierced ears to wear earrings, you could put earrings on it to match your other accessories. 

Mannequin heads in black for jewelry

For shopkeepers that selling jewelry or accessories, they need to present goods by using mannequin heads. To make your items pop, you need to choose the suitable heads for your items from the wide varieties of head models.   

Let’s say. A semi-realistic black mannequin is a perfect match for jewelry display. The most prominent feature is its impressive look. The head model is produced in styrofoam with a black finish, which is suitable for bright color jewelry. The sharp contrast makes the jewelry pop.   

Mannequin heads in black can light up your home

Just as we mentioned, the faceless mannequin heads booth the desires of buying. How about the heads with a face? Yes, it helps consumers to picture the items on real people also. For shopkeepers, this kind of black mannequin head may not be sued a lot. But for craft makers, they surely would love it! It enables them to create their styles of the head with face or even with make-up for home-deco purpose. 

In nowadays, hand-made items are more and more precious than ever. Few people will spend time creating their stuff. So a mannequin head may help them to spend a little time on crafts making. Simply put your items on the head models is a way of DIY as well. You can dress the head models and put them in a corner of the table or bookshelf as decoration. 

Masks, cowl, or even jewelry. No matter what you put on the black Styrofoam mannequin head, it is a great product and is highly recommended as it adds some professionalism to your photos or your craft sale. Even if you do not need it for business sales, you can use it for a fashion collection stand or home-deco also.