The first paragraph of children's braided hair: First divide the hair into two parts, tie two ponytail braids at a high place, and then braid the hair into three braids respectively. Remember to tie the three braids back to the root of the ponytail, and use cuteness Tie the hair accessories together, put the two circles on the top of the hair, and shape it with a hairpin, so that the cute children’s hairstyle is completed. Is it very simple? The editor is now for the consideration of the mothers, so we Try to share something simple every day, and have a nice hairstyle.


The second paragraph of children's braided hair: First, we divide the hair into two layers up and down, tie the upper hair into a ponytail, and then wrap the ponytail with a long rubber band from top to bottom, winding the ponytail from the root. Circle, round into a bud head, and finally our braided hair is ready, don't you think it looks good? It's easy to get started, and it won't take long. If you add Disney hair accessories to this hair, it will be even more cute.


The third paragraph of children's braided hair: comb the hair neatly, and separate the bangs at will. Take out a small bunch of hair on both sides of the forehead to braid the hair. After braiding, stretch it by hand to make the hair fluffy Then the other half will also take out a small bunch of hair to braid, and then tie the right amount of hair in the upper part, and then combine the braided hair with the crossed hair to make a three-strand twist braid. This hair is suitable for combing by teenagers, because it looks very mature, and the effect of combing is good if there is enough long hair!


The fourth paragraph of children's braided hair: Now take down the medium and long hair, and use a comb to straighten it first. Tie all the hair into a simple ponytail behind the head. It does not need to be very high, and the ears can be flat. On the top of the ponytail, open it to both sides with your hands and dig a small hole. Turn the ponytail over and pass through the small hole dug in the upper part. Remember to take out all the ends of the hair and twist up all the hair below. , Then start braiding the remaining hair ends. After braiding the hair into simple braids, fix the ends with rubber bands, and then roll up the braids from the inside to the small holes dug. Inside, use a small hair clip to clamp the fallen hair, and the charming braid will be set up. This hairstyle is suitable for teenagers to 20 years old.


These hairstyles introduced today are all suitable for teenagers, and they are more mature. If you want to find a few years old, you can read the previous articles. There are all of that age group!