Doll heads with real hair have become popular among customers now. There are many reasons why these dolls' popularity is growing. As you think the real hair is an attractive feature to the customers. Especially the beautician professionals and hair styling people love these dolls the most. The real hair feature is mesmerizing the trainees and trainers in the class sessions. There are many models under the category that are available. There are many stores in the city that are selling quality models for the customers. If you are one of those customers, shop the stores like JFheadmodel for your satisfaction. 

You can find many types of doll heads in the store. Try to get the one that is fascinating and good in all aspects. The features are mostly eye-catching to you when you look at them. The benefits of these models are one of the reasons for your purchase. You can find many types but get the one that is near to your heart and mind. Never go for third-rate quality dolls at any cost. Get the quality brands for your expectations. These doll heads are available for either training purposes or business purposes. you can order many pieces online after checking the price of the piece online. 

Doll heads with real hair models below 

Now let us see some of the compatible models that entice many customers to the store. The following doll heads have a lot of features that are useful to the purchasing customers a lot. You can pick the model that is sold often to the customers at the store. Let us see the models here

Focus Professional 24 Inches Long 100% Real Human Hair 

The brown color model is suitable for professionals like beauticians and hairdressing people. The hair styling experts use the model for training purposes. The model is available in curly and straight form. The model belongs to the brand Focus with an extended length of about 24 inches. The cosmetology students are also using the model for training purposes. Due to the presence of real human hair, the customers find it very compatible for practicing and cutting purposes. The human hair is washed, chemically disinfected by the manufactures. The product is available with a free table clamp to the purchasing customers. 

You will feel comfortable and ecstatic by purchasing another model known as hairginkgo 100% real hair mannequin head. This hairdresser training head is meant for cosmetology students. The product is durable and light in weight to carry by the customers. The dimensions of the doll head are compatible and versatile to the users. The heat-resistant doll head with natural hair makes the customer practice hairstyling techniques and hair cutting too. You can easily wash the product and also carry it wherever you want. 

Aliya head with real hair model

Next, we will see a model that is popular among the customers is ALIYA Mannequin Head with 100% Real Hair. The doll head is well used by the students who braid and curling purposes. The product is delivered along with the stand. The product is available to the customers along with the natural scalp and real human hair. The hair color is black and used by all levels of customers in the beauty field and cosmetology. The doll with real hair can be washed, curling, straightening, and hair styling purposes. The doll heads with human hair come to the customer directly from the manufacture. 

Yet another real hair doll available to the customers in the store is Training head 100% Real Hair Mannequin Head. This dummy doll with human hair is extensively used for practicing different hairstyles and haircutting techniques. The customer who buys the doll can get a Free Clamp Female which is around 14 inches. The individual hair strand, compatibility, and versatile features of the mannequin doll entice many customers toward it. 


If you are a customer who loves human hair dolls you can consider the above models to your knowledge. The above doll heads with real hair

dolls are available in different price ranges to the customers. You can order bulk quantities from the manufactures place too. If you want to know more details about the mannequin doll you can visit the website for knowing a lot about real hair dolls.