If you are in the market for a doll head to style hair and makeup, you may get frustrated. Whether you are searching for a mannequin for makeup practice or styling hair, you need to get value for what you are paying.

What are the types of mannequin heads?

Knowing the different types of mannequin heads will help you make better choices when searching for mannequin heads for makeup and styling. The external part of cosmetology mannequins gets made using rubber. The interior gets made using polyurethane. The hair gets permanently connected to the head. Light makeup gets used on the face, brows, and eyes. The head measures about 12 inches tall with a circumference of 21 inches. The size is a bit smaller than the average human head.

Note that the standard human hair, medium length mannequin head is the most common one in the market. Another standard mannequin head is the slip-on mannequin head. In this one, the bottom mannequin functions as a placeholder for the hairpiece which has some semblance with the mask. Even though this one may seem less expensive, it isn’t. The reason for their cost is that they are not that popular and the labor and hair also add up the cost.

There are also mannequin heads that have a shoulder base. Such ones are often used for stands and competitions. A number of them have pierced ears hence you can install earrings if you so desire. It depends on your choice ultimately.

What makes each makeup and hairstyling mannequin unique?

Note that doll head to style hair and makeup come in female and male versions and different ethnicity. There are male mannequins that have beards and such get used in beauty schools. The male versions are also a bit bigger than the female heads.

Ethnic mannequins come with straight and curled hair. You should know that quite a number of the mannequins got made using Asian hair, hence, the curled mannequins have been permed chemically.

There is also the quad mannequin head which has four distinct colors and gets used for hair coloring. One of the four quadrants often comes with gray hair. There has been an increase in the popularity of miniature mannequins over the past few years. Even though they aren't too popular, they serve several purposes. They can get made using human hair even though they are smaller. Whenever you are looking at measurements that the mini hair and makeup mannequins look a lot like the ones in the photo.

Not every mannequin has hair. Some get used for facials, makeup practice, eyelash extension training, and the likes. Such ones are made using a different type of rubber which is softer and feels a lot like facial skin. Such mannequins come with a flat back which means you can work on them on a table. There is also one that has no hair, it can be used with wigs and can be used for photography and display purposes.

The different mannequin accessories

Every doll head to style hair and makeup comes with a hole at its base which then mounts on the stand. There are two distinct stand types which are the floor tripods and table clamps. The table clamps are not too expensive and they come in different textures and sizes. Typically, you would use a clap with short hair mannequins while you use the longer ones for the long hair mannequins. You may also use the longer versions for the long hair mannequins. Some clamps come with extenders so that you will be able to adjust the length.

All such stands can be adjusted hence you can move the head in your desired direction. Floor tripods are best used especially in a trade show or classroom environment. You may set your work up wherever you desire.


There are many applications of doll heads to style hair and makeup. But you need to know what to expect when you are looking to buy one. There are such mannequin heads for makeup and hairstyling that are versatile in use. Knowing each one and what makes them unique will put you at an advantage.