Do you want to know the easy diy mannequin head-making steps? To make a special and unique mannequin head for yourself is not a difficult task, but some people may find it hard to start. Therefore, we will introduce the tips on making a mannequin head including the preparation of necessary materials and specific steps. 

Mannequin heads can be used for displaying wigs, sunglasses, hats, and so on. Many online stores sell mannequin products, but if you want to practice your hands-on abilities. 

Mannequin head DIY can not merely save your money but practice your manipulative abilities. Besides, you can also make a mannequin head with your kids. I believe this process will inspire their imagination and close the relations between family members. 

Then, what tools and materials you need to make a simple mannequin head? A balloon, a tin, tapes, flour, newspaper, a spoon, sprays, and brushes are the basic items. These items are easy to get and cheap at price. The followings are detailed instructions.

Step 1

Blow up a balloon to a proper size. Do not blow the balloon too big or too small. Too much air will lead to balloon explosion easily. If the balloon is too small, it may look weird and fails to display anything. The color of the balloon does not matter a lot because you will cover it with other materials in the later steps.

Step 2

Swathe the balloon with tapes. You can do this first. You can also make a stand first. Find an empty tin and pour some sands into it so that it will be heavy enough to be put on the table firmly. Use the tape to bind the balloon head and the tin serving as the neck together. Once the step is finished, a basic shape of the mannequin head will come into being. 

Step 3

Mix water and flour. The proportion of them is about 50% to 50%. But it depends on what sort of flour you buy. Some flours have stronger stickiness, so you can ask the seller for advice. Stir the mixture until the water and flour completely blend. 

Step 4

Tear the newspaper you prepare into strips. Tear some into small square pieces and some into a larger square. The larger one can be used for the first layer and the small one for the detailed facial features. 

Step 5

Now you can move outside or find a proper place because, during this process, the flour will be dropped on the floor. Dip the newspaper strips into the mixture you have made and cover them on the balloon head surface. One strip for one time. Smooth the strip, otherwise, it will leave wrinkles on your mannequin heads after it is dried. 

After covering the whole model head and neck with newspaper strips, you can leave it in a ventilating place so that it will be dried faster. 

Step 6

Begin making the second layer. At the moment, you will find that the first layer is hard. Adding the second layer can better prepare for the making of facial features. Repeat the same step you have done in step 5, and leave the model head to be air-dried. 

Step 7

After covering four or five layers, the easy diy mannequin head is solid enough, You can make the facial features. Use the newspaper to form the shape of ears, nose, lips, and so on. Attach them with tapes and use a spoon to smooth the tape edges. Then, apply some newspaper strips that are immersed in the mixture onto these facial features. Or you can cover a large newspaper onto the whole face directly. 

Step 8

Spray the DIY head with the proper color. Use a brush to depict the details such as eyeballs, pupils, eyebrows, and so on. Besides, you can also paint the patterns you like on the face as decorations. 

All these eight steps finished, you will have a wonderful mannequin head. It is not that difficult, right? Do pay attention to the details you paint and do not rush to cover another layer when the first one is still wet. Making an easy diy mannequin head also requires patience. We hope this article can help you.