Do you know how to take care of your dummy head hair? People who want to be a stylist always possess a few dummy head in their home, and dummy head natural hair can be long or short, and it can be curl or straight. They use them to practice or create new hairstyles. 

If you do not take good care of your mannequin head hair, not only does it look terrible, but also it can be not easy to comb, braid, and do all the hairstyle you want to. Therefore, mannequin head hair needs all the careful attention you can give, and here are eight tips to help you take the best care of it. 

Appropriate placement

When you are done practicing with your model head hair, do not leave it with the hairstyle you just made. Make sure to comb the hair and smooth it out, then place it on a shelf that can keep dust and water out of it. In this way, the hair cannot be messy the next time you use it.


Treat your dummy head hair as your natural hair, and you need to clean it regularly. Before you wash it, moisturize and condition the hair before washing. When you clean it, please do not rub it as you are washing your clothes. Just like washing your hair, be gentle, firstly use warm water to soak the hair, then rub it softly and gently. 


After clean up your mannequin head hair, do not use a normal, plastic comb to comb your hair. It would be best if you had a comb that is specially designed for combing the wigs. If you do not have one, then you can use your fingers to comb. With your fingers, it can avoid rising electrostatic.  

Brush your mannequin hair with a soft bristle brush, and comb it with a loose teeth comb till the very end. When the hair is long, divide it into small, manageable parts, comb it up from the bottom, be patient and comb it as gentle as possible.   


The dummy head hair also needs conditioners, but you need to control the frequency of using it. When you are using the conditioners, you need to reduce the amount. First, melt the conditioner in warm water, then soak hair in it for a few minutes. At last, pull the hair out and dry it with a soft towel. 


To be noticed, do not use a hairdryer with a high-temperature wind to dry your model head hair. That can cause the loss of hair. Hence, use a soft towel to dry it, apply very little hair oil before it completely dries. Then place it in a breathable and cool spot, do not let it put where it can be damaged by sunburn. 

Water Temperature

When you wash your natural hair, the water temperature cannot be too high or too low, so is washing the mannequin hair. If the water temperature is too high, it can reduce the service life of the hair. But if the water temperature is too low, and it cannot thoroughly clean the hair. Therefore, the best temperature should be around 20 degrees. 

Treatment of damaged hair

If your model head hair is damaged, it has split ends and tangles. If you pull it hard, it will break the hair. It would help if you spray some specialized conditioner on top of the hair, and then it can be easy to comb. But try not to wash it too frequently. It can be extreme damage to your mannequin hair. 

Washing Frequency

Actually, the dummy head hair cannot get oil like natural hair, and it can only get dusty every time you use it. Therefore, do not wash it too frequently, and usually, once a month is enough for the hair. Moreover, according to the frequency you use the mannequin hair, if you only use it a few times for two or three months, you can wash it once for two months. 

With these eight tips, patience, and an attentive eye, you can keep your dummy head hair in excellent condition as long as it can be. And it benefits you because they are an irreplaceable tool for practicing your styling skills and creating new hairstyles.