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November 19, 2020

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The most cheap mannequin head with hair can be easily found on our website. The mannequins with head and hair are our specialty and we provide unique and a large variety of colors, styles and different textures of the wig and hairs.

Mannequin head with hairs

A mannequin head with hair and stand consists of a PVC or PE head which would be mounted on a stand to make it adjustable to any preferred height. The hair of the mannequin would be a wig that can be either 100% human hair or synthetic hairs or even a mixture of both which would be attached to a scalp.

Where to buy

The product can be bought at a local store near your house or you can browse it online and order through fashion websites or E-stores seeing your convenience selecting from multiple sizes, colors and materials to pick the best one.

Why buy on the internet

Mannequins head with hair and stand can be bought at a local fashion store or a mall nearby your home, but since the advent of the internet and online shopping, the problem of being stuck in the traffic, looking through the number of samples in the shops, waiting a long time at the checkout and many more problems like these have been eliminated. You can easily browse your favorite product from your computer and contact the seller and have a very fast delivery to your doorstep.

Advantages of Hairs and wigs of mannequin

The advantage of having a human hair mannequin is that they are easier to practice cutting, dyeing and styling.


The human hairs are easier to be trimmed. The edge lines of the hair look more natural and the more perfect layers and angles will show a proper beautiful look of the cut and you can easily improve your skills.


When it comes to styling, the human hair mannequin head is suitable for all kinds of styling tools. They can be easily styled as they easily go through every styling equipment like the hairdryer, straightener, curler, etc.


100% Human hairs are easier to color with many dies as the dies are initially made to be used on the human hairs. Mannequin heads are also available in different colors making them easier to bleach and color as well.

Tips for braiding, dyeing and cutting

  • Place the head on a stand and use a small brush to distribute the hair to either side of the head
  • Select the amount of hair you need to make a braid and make one.
  • Make a number of braids on the hair and use rubber bands and hair catchers.
  • The wig can be used to make curls and patterns by the use of a hair curler and can be straightened by a straightener as both of them are completely applicable to the wig
  • The hair can also be used to test cutting and by the use of scissors and comb, hairs can be cut or made a pattern.
  • Must use professional cleaning oil and shampoos after performing the operations.

Head Hair Loss

Since the mannequin is coming from a long journey so when it is delivered to you, there is a high chance there will be some hair fall initially but it will reduce later and will come to an end as you use it later.

About J&F

J&F Co. is a fashion goods manufacturer and first-hand seller, producing makes up tools, wigs, mannequin heads withstand and other beauty items. J&F has been operational since 1997 ranging in 20 countries worldwide. The online website of J&F (https://www.jfheadmodel.com/ ), provides an easy way to buy your desired products from home and all over the world.


We have the most cheap mannequin head with hairs available at our online store which would be delivered to your doorstep. The mannequin head with hairs is a fun thing to play and experiment with your styles, cuts and trims on before actually doing them on the customer. It is ideal for you if you are a professional cosmetologist, barber, or a hairdresser.


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