How are mannequin heads made? Making a lay figurehead is not that difficult. After reading the article, you will know how to make it easier. We will tell you what materials you need to prepare and making methods step by step. 

Different mannequin heads have different making methods. The more complex heads are harder to make. If you want to make a special manikin head with simple tools, here are specific steps that teach you how to make a unique artificial model head. 


The basic instruments you need to prepare for making the head include a balloon, some newspaper, flour, water, brushes, tapes, and colored paints. This is one of the easiest ways to make a dummy head. You can have a try with your children to bring out their imagination and enhance their handwork skills. 

Step one

Blow the balloon into a proper size. Do not blow too big, otherwise, the balloon will explode easily. Later we need to glue the newspaper on the surface, so make sure that the balloon is not too big or small. Tie up the bottom so that the balloon will not leak air. 

Step two

A single balloon head does not look pretty. You can use a pop can to serve as the base. Pour some sands into the can so that it can stand firmly on the ground. Choose a can that is not too big for a thick neck is not very beautiful. Then, use tapes to combine the balloon head and the base. Wrap them from all sides. The tape serves as a rough layer so that newspaper can be better glued to the mannequin head. 

Step three

You need to mix the flour with some water. Stir the mixture until it is sticky. How much water and flour you need to pour down depends on how sticky you want and how strong the flour is. If the flour has a strong bonding effect, you can add more water. Strip some newspapers into proper length. Then, you can start to glue these strips to the model head. 

Step four

It is suggested to move all tools outside and to wear an old T-shirt, so it is easier to clean when all is done. You can dip the strips in the flour or use a big brush to dip the flour. Apply the strips onto the surface and use the brush to smooth every edge. Cover every corner of the mannequin head including the neck. Then, wait for a moment until the head is completely dried. When it is thoroughly dried, it touches a bit stiff. 

Step five

Repeat step four, cover more layers on the surface. On the one hand, the thick layers can protect the balloon to make the DIY head more durable. On the other hand, the texture will be better. Still, you can apply another layer until it is dried. Repeat the process three or four times. 

Step six

If you want to make a mannequin without facial features, you can skip this step. Wad some larger strips of newspapers to make the five sense organs and fix them on the face by using tapes. Then, cover layers of newspapers dipped in flour. The size of the facial features is adjustable according to your preferences. Remember to smooth the tape, as well. 

Step seven

Finally, you need to cover a large piece of newspaper to cover the whole face. When the final layer of the doll head is dried, you can start painting. You can pain the skin color first with a spray. Then, use a small brush to depict the details. Or you can stretch a nylon sock over the manikin head to serve as the skin which will look more natural. Then paint the facial details on the sock. 

When all the steps are finished, a DIY dummy head is finished. This is “how are mannequin heads made by yourself.” Another approach is that you can buy a very cheap styrofoam head instead of a balloon. Such a model head will be more durable. 


How are mannequin heads made by yourself at home? The above is the teaching steps. Follow the instructions, you can make a special mannequin head. It is a nice activity that you can participate in with your children.