How can I Enjoy my Mannequin Head Challenge?

November 20, 2020

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Are you interested in following popular trends? Or you are a trend-setter yourself?

Mannequin Head challenge is nowadays a prevalent and growing trend. Are you one of them who want to enjoy the mannequin head challenge but have no idea what to do and how it can be done? Here we are to give you some ideas:

Mannequin Head Dance Challenge:

You can search on YouTube to get an idea of how the trend of mannequin dancing head challenge increases day by day. Many people have uploaded their videos there and in which they are enjoying a lot. Therefore, it's your time to attempt this challenge and have fun. Tuck your real head deep into your hoody. Then wear up the spooky mannequin head face. Now dance with this mannequin head as a mask up on your favorite song and surprise your loved ones. 

 You can watch the girls' viral videos Tinaddie and Heathens mannequin dance on Twitter and YouTube and people's reactions to their dance challenge.  

Decorating the Mannequin Head Challenge:

If you know how to make hats, you can participate in the mannequin head challenge and enjoy it the most because you know the best way to display them. You can have fun and no need to worry by using Styrofoam mannequin heads because it will not bother you in your budget as it is a very cheap cost. You can capture amazing photographs of your mannequin heads. Furthermore, you are required a few scrapbook papers, matte finish mod podgy, paintbrush, and water container. To enjoy, you should make your design in which you are interested. It should be simple, unique, and colorful so it can be most attractive.

It is pretty easy to make and participate in the challenge. You follow your heart as well as to measure and cut the dowels. Then screwed them into the round plaque, so is not it fun? Stain them if you want. 

Maybe you love them—capture beautiful photographs of your work and creativity. Photography is an art you can do it competently if you enjoy your work and want to showcase it perfectly and attractively.

Mannequin Head Make-Up Challenge:

If you are an expert stylist and have a passion for makeup and hairstyling, this challenge is for you. You will surely enjoy the Mannequin Head Make-Up Challenge. It is straightforward and straightforward to use a mannequin head doll. Before makeup and styling, you have to remove the hair from the roots to the edges carefully. Wash with a mild shampoo in warm water to avoid greasing and curling the hair. After washing with water, remove most of the water and dry it with a towel. 

Apply conditioner to coat and mix well and leave for 5 minutes. Then rinse under warm water to drain all excess water and dry with a towel. Keep in mind that washing liquid must be acidic; therefore, blow-dry hair and style as directed by your author. Always pay attention do not heat more than 180 degrees in the hair. Now have fun by applying makeup and style it the way you want on a mannequin head doll.

Crochet Mannequin Head Challenge:

If crochet work is your passion, you can fully enjoy the crochet mannequin head challenge. You have an opportunity to use your creative skills of crochet designs that must be unique and attractive. It's your choice to design simple, funny, cartoons or scenery, etc. on hats. It depends on how creative you are and your ways to enjoy this challenge. Choose the colors you like the most, and it must be appealing as well as attractive. Carefully measure the size of the hat. The height must be according to the mannequin head. 

Halloween Mannequin Head Challenge:

Halloween mannequin head challenge provides you an excellent opportunity to prove you’re creative as well as art skills. You will get plenty of ideas to execute flawlessly in this challenge and enjoy hard in every moment of this challenge. Style the hairs as scary as possible of Mannequin's head. Eye and lip makeup can be blackish according to the theme you choose, according to Halloween. However, you can use different colors to enhance the horrifying features and make it more appealing to the audience. 

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