How Can Mannequin Heads with Hair And Shoulders Make Your Life Easier?

January 13, 2021

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If you always struggle with little space to store your apparel, mannequin heads with hair and shoulders come to help you. They allow you to display a wide variety of things so that they don't get lost. Choosing the right 3D head model is not an easy task, especially taking into consideration the variety of them you can find on the market. In this article, we are going to make you familiar with shoulder manikin heads and the benefits you are going to enjoy by purchasing one.

1. More storage space

One of the biggest advantages of mannequin heads with hair and shoulders is that you get more space to display your things. Unlike traditional dolls that consist only of the head and neck, these ones have shoulders and a part of the chest. What does this mean for you? It means that you can store even your clothes on the mannequin. It can be a blouse, a shirt or a tie. You don't want anymore to fold them and place them on the wardrobe shelf where they will get wrinkled making you iron them every time you need to wear them. Moreover, you can attach long neck jewelry on the mannequin that doesn't fit a head-only model.

2. Save money on a fixing device

Another great thing about shoulder manikin is that it has a wide basis that provides a larger area of contact with the surface, which ultimately adds to the item's stability. This prevents you from spending extra bucks on buying a tripod holder or a clamp to fix the doll in place. You can rest assured it stands in a vertical position on its own and it's not that easy to shake, tilt and overturn. This will especially benefit you if you use the manikin for training, where much hand action is implied and a fixing device is indispensable.

3. Hassle-free practicing

If you buy the shoulder manikin to train your hair skills, you will deal with it at ease. First of all, the doll is well stabilized, which ensures that it stays intact while you are brushing, pulling, massaging, braiding, or gathering in a bun the hair. Besides, you escape the hassle of installing a clamp or a tripod holder, which will take you some precious minutes too. Not to mention the adjusting part where you have to try to bring the tripod to the height more convenient for you. All this hassle disappears when you buy a shoulder mannequin. 

4. Faster drying

Sometimes long wigs placed on only-head mannequins dry out hard because the hair folds while reaching the surface of the table. Being piled one over another, hair fibers don't receive needed ventilation which slows down the drying. You may escape getting into this trouble if you have a tripod stand that raises the doll head to the needed height, allowing the hair to stay straight and dry out evenly fast. If you don't have a tripod holder, the drying will take longer. When you have a shoulder manikin, the shoulders play the role of the tripod, raising the head above the ground and allowing the air to circulate freely through the hair. 

5. Multifunctional

A shoulder doll with hair has a myriad of applications. You can use it in a variety of scenarios and sometimes even giving it a double purpose. You can use it to store both head accessories, like sunglasses, headphones, or snorkeling goggles, and clothes. You can also practice your hairstyling skills while your shirt is resting on the lower part of the mannequin neat and pressed. 

In addition, you can use the doll to display fashion in stores or exhibitions or teach hairstyling skills in a beauty salon. Above all, the manikin is also a good drying device so you will definitely get your money back from investing in such a model.

On the whole, mannequin heads with hair and shoulders are a great investment that comes with many benefits. The doll stands out from the competition with more storage space given the added shoulders that allow to display clothes and long necklace. The shoulders allow also for fast drying, given the added height, and eliminate the need to buy a fixing device, given the wider basis enhancing the stability and balance.

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