How Can You Benefit from A Long Neck Mannequin Head?

January 13, 2021

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What is a long neck mannequin head for? What is the role of that extremely long neck? These are the most popular questions that come to people's mind when they see a long neck doll for the first time. However, this unique design has many benefits making the mannequin multi-functional and more efficient. Read on to know how this weirdly looking doll is making your life easier. 

1. Long wig displaying

If you already have a traditionally sized mannequin head, you probably noticed that it isn't a good friend with long wigs. Well, you can store the long hairpiece on it, but its bottom part will not have enough space to hang straight. Given that the neck is short, the bottom hair will lie on the surface and fold, which leads to it getting tangled, wrinkly and even dirty if the surface is not clean. 

This problem is solved with a long neck mannequin head. The long hair wig gets at a sufficient height allowing it to hang in a straight position without touching the surface. In this way, you make sure that the wig doesn't spoil its shape and is safely preserved while you are not wearing it. It is also extremely useful when you display the wigs in a fashion store or exhibition. The wig hair will keep its shape and appeal, allowing the visitors to admire its full beauty.    

2. Fast drying

The long neck structure also has a role in making the drying easier and faster. If you have a short-neck doll and a long wig, you probably struggled with a slow drying after washing the hair system. It is because the hair reaches the surface and folds. The fibers lie one over another, blocking ventilation and slowing down the drying process. This doesn't occur when you have a long neck mannequin, because all hair fibers receive access to air circulation and dry out equally fast.  

3. Easy practice

A long neck mannequin head would be also a better choice if you want to practice your hairstyling skills. The hair will stay straight, allowing you to make the most beautiful hairstyles. If you intend to try some long hairstyles, you don't want to do it on a short neck doll, because the bottom hair will drop on the table, having its shape distorted and making it hard for you to do your job properly. The biggest advantage of a tall mannequin is that it allows you to practice on both long wigs and short wigs. You can try a huge variety of hairstyles on a single doll, without experiencing difficulties.    

4. Multi-functional

There is little you can't do with a long neck mannequin head. Being extremely versatile due to its design, it can play a lot of roles to make your life easier. You can use it to store your wig at home or display hairpieces in your fashion store. If you crave for some hair skill practicing, you can ask the doll for help and it will not refuse. Besides hair practicing, you can also train your make-up skills. The doll has a silicone coating that imitates the texture of human skin, allowing you to improve your skin upkeeping abilities in realistic circumstances.

Moreover, you can use the head model as a drying tool, thanks to the improved air circulation that it allows. On top of that, having a long neck, the doll can serve as storage for scarves and neck jewelry to ensure that you keep them in a safe and visible place.

5. Free-standing

In spite of its long neck design, the mannequin has a good basis that keeps it stable while you are pulling on the hair during practicing. The silicone coat reduces friction with the surface, allowing for even more stability and balance. In addition, the basis is the heaviest part of the doll to ensure that it stays in place even when you agitate it during your training sessions 

To conclude, a long neck mannequin head comes full of advantages that every wig owner has to benefit from. It makes your life easier when it comes to taking care of your long wig, allowing to display it so that it doesn't touch the surface and dry it fast. It also gives you the possibility to practice your skills in styling long hair.

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