The smiling mannequin head can be seen in the stores you go to regularly. Such mannequins with full bodies that come in any pose are perfect to display clothes. Even they only include the shoulder parts, you can use them to display hats or jewelry. Customers may tend to be attracted by the window when passing by a store with their help. If you are a store owner, you should use them as well! 

Here we will show you some examples of life-size mannequins with smiling faces and how they can be used. Even with a blank face mannequin, you can attract many customers as possible with mannequins in the store. Hope you can redecorate your store after reading this article.

Marilyn Monroe Styrofoam mannequin never go out of style

The life-size Styrofoam mannequins with the body are common to use in the fashion industry. Their movable joints allow them to wear clothes at ease. Any shop sales or owner can change the clothes on them easily and quickly. Also, they can be posed with different gestures to bring out the unique spec of the outfit. 

A beautiful deep-V dress will be more stunning when a model wears it rather than just hanging on the wall. Like we just said, you can consider using the Styrofoam mannequin dummy posing Marilyn Monroes famous pose. This sexy shape and pose can help to level up the dresss beauty. Everybody will have to take a look when passing by. 

The mannequin of the right pose can captivate the street with her beauty, glamour, and unabashed sex appeal in the outfit. Customers will be thinking they are dressing like this and they will be put in the spotlight. A good smiling mannequin head can help to convey this signal to customers. You can try it in your store.

What a perfect smiling mannequin head should be?

When selecting the right model to boost sales for your store, you should take the below points into account so you can spend the money wisely. A good display model can bring out the shopping atmosphere to customers, let them in the mood of buying.

1. Excellent finishing. The finishing and the appearance of the mannequin heads should be in good condition. If the body is full of scratches, it may harm your jewelry or silk clothes a lot. If you want to create a vintage theme, maybe the scratches can add some points somehow.

2. Lightweight can help you reduce the annoying items changing procedures. The mannequins joints should be movable so as to get clothes changed easily. If you work alone, it is much easier to change clothes on the stand by yourself!

3. Different colors can create different atmospheres. Classic black or white color will never go wrong in the store. If you want something eye-catching, you can try to play with colors as well. Maybe orange or purple can be strong enough.

4. Choose the right pose models. The faces and body language can help to attract customers. A mannequin head with a smile or fierce eyes can remind people of a happy feeling or memory. Customers will tend to dream about how they will look when they wear this outfit.

Life-size mannequins purchase information

Online shopping is normal among people nowadays than last decade. You can see from the product pages of the store, the costs of life-size mannequins with full bodies are higher than a fake head model. The mannequins with full-body parts require better material when produced so the costs are higher. You can pose them into any poses with their flexible joints.

When you are shopping for life-size models, you can consider our previous advice about how to look for an ideal mannequin. You can check the specs and the details between different mannequins. If you are shopping in our store, you can read the return policy to help you change items without worrying. A real smiling mannequin head is good for store owners. The life-size human mannequins should be on a 1:1 scale. So you need to be aware of the size as well. 

You may find many interesting items on our product pages. We sell good quality mannequins for many years. If you want to purchase some ideal mannequins heads online, we are happy to serve you!