Erika Mannequin Head is one of the best-customized mannequin products offered by Pivot Point Shop. The production processes carried out by this brand make Erika the ideal dummy head for cosmetology training as well as other artistic purposes. This specific model serves as the perfect training head for long hair styling, dyeing, perming, and haircutting due to its splendid 100% human hair content. 

Willing to buy this model or other products from Pivot Point Shop? Stick through this article to learn more about the creation processes, contents, features of the Erika dummy head so that you can be well educated and informed before ordering one. 

About Pivot Point International

For over 50 years, Pivot Point has provided the fundamental tools, products, and education required by aspiring beauty professionals. Their mannequin business in Pivot Point Shop has evolved eventually due to their impressive expertise in cosmetology. The company's philosophy is to ensure lifetime learning, foster growth, and specialization. 

In what Conditions are the Pivot Point Hair Dolls created?

Pivot Point mannequin heads go through advanced processes before reaching the hands of the customers. Moreover, the mannequins are produced in a high-level environment in an SA8000 department that safeguards against slave workers and child laborers. The products come with an SA8000 certification tag that guarantees that the hair goods are manufactured in authorized conditions. 

They offer their fellow workers a sound and safe atmosphere that exercises zero-tolerance for discrimination. Not only that but also the company takes a holistic approach to focus on sustainability and ecological balance. With full commitment, they ensure that the natural resources aren't depleted. 

How are the Pivot Point Shop's Hair Dolls created?

Pivot Point Hair Dolls go through approximately 8 hours of production time. The processes carried out by the company to disinfect hair is sanctioned by the Department of Hygiene and Health Origin Authority in Asia. The hair products are chemically cleansed and sterilized by steaming to ensure optimum health protection. Once they are disinfected, they are shampooed, conditioned, and kept to be air-dried openly. 

There are several methods that the mannequin requires to go through before packaging such as, cuticle alignment, neutralizing, disinfecting, bathing, lightening, drying, hackling, mask production, makeup, hair implanting, and much more. Once these methods are carried out and completed, the mannequin heads go through the final process. The mannequins are quality checked and inspected thoroughly. 

What can you expect from Erika Mannequin Head?

Erika Hair dolls go through the processes that comprise the best expertise and specialization. Since Erika mannequins are made up of 100% dark human hair, they can be beneficial for methods such as hairstyling, heating, perming, coloring, and cutting. Vibrant colors show up brilliantly on human hair, which can wonderfully showcase your artistic results. 

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The Erika mannequin head is a small solid form figure that would stay firm throughout the hairstyling processes. It has light makeup as well as elegant and refined facial features. This specific model provided by Pivot Point International goes through the same procedures as other dolls, as mentioned already. 

Even though some professionals and experts seek out synthetic and animal hairs, mannequins implanted with human hair are always the best option. The hair type is Chinese, and the length is about 6inches-12inches (15-30cm). This perfect length is ideal for performing various haircuts and styles that require long hairs. The price is also very reasonable compared to other human hair heads offered by other companies. 

You might as well like the company's other products, such as Josephine, Ian, and Diane. They are also made of human hair and would be desirable for hairstyling techniques. These are available on Pivot Point Shop's official website. You can also access various other products presented with a proper description. 


In a nutshell, Erika hair dolls are the ideal dolls for hairstylists, beauticians, cosmetologists, and beauty specialists to perform and showcase their skills, talents, and artwork. We believe that this article would've helped educate you on the processes involved in the making of hair dolls by Pivot Point Shop.