The good female mannequin names were probably in the minds of the designers of clothes and jewelry of the Egyptian pharaohs, it may be that those artists at the service of the Egyptian royalty, being artists who designed the clothes and other utensils for those beings of divinity at that time, their minds and souls were very open to creativity, for that reason, not being able to touch the bodies of those rulers, they used that creativity to reproduce them faithfully in figures similar to their royal superiors.


How the idea of the good female mannequin names arose


The artistic vein possessed by those in charge of supplying the dressers of the pharaohs and their families could have produced that those artificial figures that emerged from their creations were given names in order to identify them with the being for whom they were made, that is how the idea of using female mannequin names could have arisen since it was not only for the pharaohs who performed their work, they also made them for their wives, daughters and other female and male descendants.


These artisans of clothing manufactured the pieces of modeling in various forms, created wooden mannequins in whole female bodies, and in parts of the bodies, such as the torso, arms, and feet to make the shoes, also elaborated female mannequin of heads, which were used for the design of the numerous jewelry worn by the women of the Egyptian royalty, Thus, each of these pieces that served as models were associated with the female names of the royalty, classic examples such as Cleopatra or Nefertiti could have been named after the mannequins used for the manufacture of their ostentatious costumes and their impressive jewelry.


Good female mannequin names today


Currently, technology has invaded all aspects of daily life, in the world of fashion and beauty, new patterns are constantly followed, in all lines and more in those related to the designs and especially in what refers to sales, for which formulas are pursued that affect the frequent increase of these, the use of a female mannequin as a fundamental tool that provides values that favor the increase of income has become a fundamental factor in this branch.


The big fashion houses, both clothing and footwear, and accessories found in the female mannequin  names a channel to establish a relationship with potential buyers that allows them to hook them, the female mannequin models, with the current technology are becoming more real and attractive every day.


The manufacturers and retailers of fashion and beauty products and articles have realized that the use of good female mannequin names in an adequate way, supported by attractive characters for the female clientele, generates a great empathy of women with the female mannequin, and they take advantage of this, to convert it into real sales of their articles through the vision and perception that the female clientele shows for this mannequin.




This mannequin head is ideal to use good female mannequin names, Diana's name used by Gal Gadot in the Justice League movie is a name that can provide many benefits for this very real wigs support, giving this name will imply an identification of women who observe accessories or wigs in this mannequin head, the smooth, regal, and beautiful face that has a beautiful face that alludes to the face of a woman.


The smooth, refined and beautiful face that it possesses alludes to the face of Gal in Wonder Woman, to use with intelligence a make-up to highlight a similarity with the artist, and to make notorious the name of the target in the mannequin will be a sensational strategy for the increase of the income of the article that is decided to exhibit in this beautiful mannequin.


The DC487 is a professional PVC head with many attributes to take advantage of, such as the perfect design of the human figure, the foam padding, a very realistic skin color, a cap that forms a net to hold all kinds of wigs and prevent them from slipping off.


The DC487 mannequin is covered in its lower area by an anti-slip material to provide a longer service life and has a hole in that area that is intended to serve as an entrance to support for heads, the mannequin is 17 inches high and weighs only 6 pounds.