You need to practice hair mannequin head to be a professional hair artist or a professional cosmetologist and you can always make the practice a lot of fun.

About hair mannequin head

Hair mannequin head can be used for practice to improve the skill of a hairdresser, cosmetologist, makeup artist and barbers. The hair of the mannequin can be human hair or synthetic made, though much preferable to use are the human hairs as they give a close to realistic feel and better practicing. The material of the head can be PVC, PE, etc.

Where to buy

The product can be bought at a local store near your house or you can browse it online and order through fashion websites or E-stores seeing your convenience selecting from multiple sizes, colors and materials to pick the best one. Mannequins head with hair can be bought at a local fashion store or a mall nearby your home, but since the advent of the internet and online shopping, the problem of being stuck in the traffic, looking through a number of samples in the shops, waiting a long time at the checkout and many more problems like these have been eliminated. You can easily browse your favorite product from your computer and contact the seller and have a very fast delivery to your doorstep.

How to use

After the mannequin head has been delivered to your doorstep, the next thing to do is to wash the hair of the mannequin from a shampoo that has moisturizing properties, kindly avoid the use of local shampoos which has alcohol in it. Later regularly comb the hair of the mannequin with a wide-tooth comb as it will also reduce the hair loss and improve the quality of the hair.

Some Precautions and Solutions

  • Do not put your wig in the sunlight as it will cause dryness and hair fall.
  • Avoid combing the hair with a normal hairbrush and use a wide-tooth comb.
  • Do not use shampoo which contains alcohol.
  • Do not use an iron on the hair as they will stick to it.

Fun during practice

The hair mannequin head can be used for many purposes that include cutting, trimming of hair, styling and braiding. You can make a lot of designs of the hair and a lot of different machines can be used to design the hairs like a curler may be used for producing effective and stylish curls in the hair, likewise a hair straightener or hairdryer. You can also use the hair to braids and can make a lot of different designs of braids on hair by the use of different pins, rubber bands and hair catchers.

Cutting, Dying and Styling

These 3 processes are the main techniques a beautician or a cosmetologist needs to be skilled at and all of them can be improved from practicing at a hair mannequin head. Cutting or small trimming can be done by scissors effectively and real human hair makes it easier as the ends of hairs are easily cut. Dying can be done and many different dye colors can be applied and tested. The colors can be easily washed later and thus used multiple times to produce the same results without the hair quality being affected much. You can also experience all the types of hairstyles on the hair mannequin head either it includes hair sticking, making several braids, bridal hair or curling as the hair mannequin head comes up with a stand and head which makes it really suitable to use and easy to handle.

About J&F

J&F Co. is a fashion goods manufacturer and first-hand seller, producing makes up tools, wigs, mannequin heads withstand and other beauty items. J&F has been operational since 1997 ranging in 20 countries worldwide. The online website of J&F( ), provides an easy way to buy your desired products from home and all over the world. J&F is also giving free shipping over an order of 99$. The website is a user-friendly one and easily allows the user to view and select the best designs of their favorite color and materials.


The blog discussed the benefits and fun of practicing hair mannequin head which can be used by barbers and hairdressers for training. We also learned how and where to buy the wig head and then use it effectively and how to get rid of any problems that it suffers from.