The importance of the dummy for shop, goes far beyond what many believe, a dummy is a very valuable piece when it comes to implementing mechanisms for the proper development of sales in business, but there are aspects that reaffirm the productive functionality and profitability that a dummy provides a shop. 

Importance of a dummy for shop  

In the world of commerce, there are advanced and new strategies that, depending on their correct application, generate great benefits to businesses, as in the case of Visual Merchandising. 

For a shop, the range that can be covered with marketing work is very large, simple and surprising, highlighting the visual part of the products tends to be the main objective, and in the field of beauty, clothing and accessories dummy are the main tool to support the claims of the above marketing tools, in them the strategy is fundamental. 

What is sought mainly with the use of dummy is to establish a visual contact between potential customers and products, in a shop effort should be oriented to provide the environment for the dummy to fulfill its function, maximize the attention of passers-by in front of a window, capture and attract potential customers. 

Ways to maximize the benefits of a dummy for shop

There are many types of tools, as well as methodologies to exploit to the maximum the benefits that dummy offer to the business, we can mention: 

·  The scenario

· Color

· Lighting

· Ambience of the space

· Use of technologies such as screens, lasers, etc.

· Everything must be combined and focused to turn the exhibition into something very attractive for the passerby, establishing a connection between the viewer and the product on offer, creating a desire, an interest and motivating the creation of the need.

· How to attract the attention of the passerby with the dummy, it must be done with clearly defined concepts, making an excellent impression on the scene that is set in the shop so that the person who observes opens his appetite for the item on display. 

A quality cap for example exhibited on a mannequin head made of a cork-based canvas block. 

They are very professional heads, designed and manufactured with the shape of a human head, they are durable and provide a lot of facility for mounting exhibits both caps and wigs, ideal for creating spectacular scenery in exhibitions and work unparalleled, with mannequin head with mounting hole, can be exploited by directing its versatility to make wigs, to modify them, to display them and can be oriented display highlighting the great utility it provides for training in the industry that is dedicated to wigs. 

How to create desire in a customer using a dummy for shop in a showcase 

Provoking the desire for the product displayed in the dummy, can be an efficient way to make a sale, getting that attraction to become a need for the potential customer, through the display of the shop exploiting the benefits of the dummy, so that the person who is captivated by the product feels that it meets their needs. 

Create the visual impact in the showcase using the dummy as the main tool is a key to the success of the business at the sales level, a showy and attractive exhibition is achieved by choosing the right dummy for each item, the one that enhances the characteristics of what is being offered. 

Dummy for shop as body models 

One of the basic peculiarities of a dummy is the resemblance they make to the human body and its parts, this aspect allows those in charge of the artistic parts and those in charge of showcases, windows and shelves to make the most of their skills to create environments that favor a successful display. 

The items that are placed in a dummy, allow the consumer to easily observe the utility it provides, the creativity used in the shop to highlight the product displayed in a dummy, will undoubtedly have an impact on selling more and captivate the viewers of the exhibition. 

With the use of a dummy the consumer is more easily aware of the different types of recommendations that the shop makes using these dummies, this makes the shops that exhibit their items in dummies, have higher levels of sales, since these exhibitions create the impulse to buy in consumers.