Taking care of the wig in a proper way will help increase the service life of the wig and make you look more beautiful.

• When combing wigs, comb gently. No need to comb it every day, let it rest.

• Remove the wig and place it on the wig table when you are at home. The stand will maintain the shape of the wig, and it can reduce hair pulling when taken off.

• After washing the wig, do not wrap it in a towel and "rub dry" it. Dry it carefully one by one. This will ensure that the wig will not fall off. And don't do styling when wet. There is a kind of "wet styling" hair styler that can actually damage the hair.

• The wig should be squeezed dry after absorbing water. Don't use twisted ones, otherwise the bottom of the wig will be deformed and the shape will be funny after it dries.

• Never use normal shampoo when washing your hair. Normal conditioner can be used, but shampoo is too rough for wigs and can cause hair loss.

• You can use the conditioner once every two weeks to keep it shiny and soft. Be sure not to moisturize the silk every day and rinse off the conditioner, otherwise it will accumulate in the wig.

• Wash after wearing a wig more than 20 times. If you wash it every day or every week, it will cause hair loss and spread, and the wig will not look as real as it used to be.