At present, the main on the market must be divided into 4 materials, foam mold du special head, PVC plastic model head, glass zhi steel model dao head and canvas model head. Of course, there are other wig brackets, so I won’t go into details here. Focus on introducing the selection method of PVC plastic model head:

1. Material: PVC mannequin head, which is made of environmentally friendly polyethylene resin and filled with foamed polyurethane. Therefore, when the model head of this material is made again, the smell will be heavier. The head cortex is very soft, and after filling with foamed polyurethane, it takes time to dry. It will be formed afterwards, and the smell will also fade or even disappear. At this time, the entire model head is hard. The biggest advantage of this material is that it is not broken, has a long service life, is produced by a machine, is light in weight, cheap in price, and easy to transport. After understanding the material, you can smell the scent when you choose it, or drop it at a high place. If it doesn't break, then that's it.
2. Makeup: The makeup of the model head has a finishing touch on the sales of the entire product. The effect of drawing the same model head in different ways is quite different. This aspect also varies from person to person. Look more when you choose, choose more manufacturers, and compare more.
3. Printed LOGO: Many large brand manufacturers have to print their own brand logo on the model head when purchasing. The trademark is mainly divided into machine printing and spray painting. Obviously, the effect of printing with a machine is better, whether it is handwriting or pictures. When you choose, you can ask the manufacturer in which way it is printed.
4. Head type: The choice of head type depends on the product you want to display. Generally, the head mold head is between 53cm and 56cm. There are shoulders, short necks, ears, pierced ears, etc. You can choose according to your needs.