How to choose a mannequin head with hair Walmart sold? The passage focuses on this problem. As one of the largest electronic markets, numerous mannequin heads with hair can be found in Walmart. The dummy head we will choose is with hair, so we can consider it from the following two aspects. 

The mannequin head with hair Walmart sold for hairstyling

When you choose a dummy head for hairstyling, much more attention should be paid to the following items. Double confirm the hair has been rigorously cleaned and sterilized per hygiene standards. The material of the hair is also quite important. Two options of Walmart mannequin heads with different hair materials are advised below for your information. One is synthetic hair and the other one is real human hair. 

1. LuAija mannequin head for hairstyle training and practice

The hair of this dummy head is made from synthetic fiber hair. The synthetic hair is of high quality and can be used for cutting, braiding, straightening, curling, and so on. All the hair has been cleaned and disinfected before it is put into application. The length of the hair is 26-28 inches from the forehead to the end. It can satisfy various needs of hairstyles.

This mannequin head with hair can not only be used for professional hairstyle training and practice but also daily entertainment. For cosmetology school students, teachers can just use the dummy head with hair to impart knowledge and skills. They can also enhance their skills by practicing with this. Moreover, we can buy our kids a manikin head to cultivate their manipulative ability. The price is $25.74. 

2. 100% real hairstyling training head

This manikin head is made from 100% real hair which has been cleaned and disinfected before use. The hair is soft to touch and easy to take care of. You can just feel free to use it for curling, bleaching, dyeing, cutting, braiding, and so on just the hair of yourselves. The length of the hair is 14-16 inches with natural black color. 

The manikin head was hand-made by special handicraft with deep hair roots, so it’s not easy to shed hair. You can comb the hair softly the first time you use it and it’s normal to lose some hair. The hair loss will not happen in the future. It can be used to practice hairstyling skills, and can also be sent as a birthday gift to kids. The price of it is $40.93. 

The mannequin head with hair Walmart sold for makeup 

Usually, the mannequin head with hair is used for hairstyling. Beauty school students not only learn the skills of hairstyling but also makeup. For this kind of situation, it’s economical for them to purchase a dummy head that can be used for both hairstyling and makeup. 

For the hair of the manikin head, you can choose any type of the above I recommended. There’re special requirements for the face of the dummy head. Soft PVC is recommended for makeup dummy heads. As it’s quick and easy to apply and remove makeup.

When you choose a head model for makeup, the first step is to make sure that it’s made from environment-friendly material without a weird smell. The surface of the mannequin head is usually made from soft silicone to mimic the skin of human beings. And the head base is made from plastic to ensure it can stand on the table. Usually, the skin base is detachable, convenient for use and cleaning. 

Not only face painting but also eyelash extension practice is one common item of makeup. When you choose the mannequin head, it’s advised to choose the one with eyelashes for you to practice. And also you need to match the color of the eyelashes with the hair. Try to make sure that the makeup matches the hair color. It’s advised to make full preparation for any possibility. 

When we choose a mannequin head with hair Walmart sold, we also need to take into consideration of the skin color. As different skin colors match different hair colors. It also matters the overall makeup. All in all, we need to consider the mannequin heads as a whole to achieve the best results.