Do you own a store and looking for the female mannequin torso with head? Then you need to make a little investigation to find a good quality item, matching your needs and requirements. To be more specific, you may have a lingerie, sportswear, or casual clothes shop, thus the mannequin should also be selected accordingly. For example, for sportswear stores, it can be the more masculine product with worked-out figures and for lingerie, maybe more nicely-created female or male torso or full body.

The best-selling mannequins

As in all other cases, here as well, we have a favorite product that is most actively and frequently used due to market demands. The most commonly sold products are female and male full-body mannequins, which are flexible and give the opportunity to move the body parts and to dress up from head to toe, create full looks of new collections and show more products to consumers. Mainly, the reason why these models are mostly preferable is that they are multifunctional.

Professional female mannequins

These are completely different types of models that we are used to seeing in showcases. They do not look similar to a person and are not plastic as well. Mostly professional and display mannequins are created for tailors and designers. It has a textile surface, which helps the tailor to fix and not slipper the clothes from mannequins. These types of models can have different types of shoulders, do not have legs and hands, and the half body, but this is because it is suitable for professional work.

Display mannequin torso

On the other hand, we come across to display mannequins too, which are slightly different and at the same time, similar to a professional kind.  This product can also be used in the sewing process, but unlike a professional mannequin, we can also put it in a showroom. These types of mannequins are more used to show off dresses as the mannequin’s silhouette looks very appealing. Also, it has only a wooden base holder and no legs to fit the pants.

Athletic Mannequins

We can easily say that the biggest range of variety can be found in sport’s mannequins. Why? Maybe because it allows displaying from sportswear to gym accessorizes and also modems need to be more flexible and diverse.

These types are:

● Male and female mannequin torso with head;

● Full Body female and male mannequin with head and without having in a standing position;

● Full Body female and male mannequin with head and without had in a running position;

● Variety of colors: black, white, grey, etc.

● Mannequins with flexible hands and legs;

● Sport's mannequins for Football, Rugby, basketball, soccer, boxing, golf, etc.

● With workout position;

● With Sitting position;

● Yoga Mannequins; 

Photography Mannequins

Alongside all these types of models, there is another one, namely Photography mannequins, which are one of the most expensive of all other types. Usually, companies use these models when they are not willing to use human models for shooting, especially kids and babies. So many companies require so many photos of products, adding every day on their web pages, and thus, using dolls instead of humans can be a clever solution. Due to the market demand, we can find both children's and adult’s mannequins a well. 

Female mannequin torso with head

The most common model is a mannequin torso with a head for women, since you meat this item in every store in shopping malls and the streets as well. Mainly they are light skin-colored or white, with plastic surfaces and replaceable hands and legs to dress and undress them easily. Usually, these neutral colors are helpful to show the clothes more vividly and take part in decorating showcases.

Final Thoughts

We all agree that mannequins in the fashion and beauty industries are very essential items. No matter, if we want to sew the products professionally or create wigs, decorate showcases or beauty salons, in any case, we need to find a good quality product. So many companies and online shops are offering many types of female mannequin torso with head and high-quality service if you have decided to order them online. Here is my advice on this one: choose the online shop with years of experience in this field, with worldwide shipping and customer service and last but not least, check the product's quality and the price as well.