The hair cutting mannequin is a necessity for one who wants to be a specialized hairdresser. However, new learners may have no directions in purchasing a suitable mannequin training head. Faced with a wide range of mannequin heads, which one is the most suitable for practicing hairstyling skills? How can I start doing hairstyles without any basis? Don’t worry, we solve these problems one by one in this article. 

One of the most common usages of mannequins is to practice haircutting skills. If you are a beauty school student, such a product will be ubiquitous in your class. Therefore, how to choose the mannequin with hair becomes a problem. Having a basic understanding of manikins with hair, you can quickly decide what sort of mannequins you need. There are several factors you need to consider. 

Real hair or synthetic hair

There is no doubt that mannequins with real hair are better for making hairstyles for it is more durable and soft. However, they are also more expensive. If you simply want to practice haircutting skills instead of straightening, curling, or coloring. It may be a waste to practice mannequins with human hair. Therefore, manikins with synthetic hair at a cheaper price will be a more appropriate option. 

If you find that the synthetic hair is too fragile failing to hold complex hairstyles. There is another choice. That is, to buy a model with a mixture of real human hair and synthetic hair. Such a mixture often applies to mannequin dolls for kids. 

These sort of mannequins are not as expensive as those with real hair and their hair is not as brittle as synthetic hair. Of course, the overall quality may not be as good as the real hair, but it can in general satisfy the need for practicing. 

Straight or curly hair?

Most people will choose mannequins with straight hair to practice hair cutting skills. Mannequin head with Afro hairstyle can also test the skills of haircutting. You can also straighten the curly hair first and then cut it. 

Female or male?

Generally, the hairdos of the female are more complicated and need more practice. You can firstly buy a male mannequin head and try to cut men’s hairdos. If you want to put more focus on female hairstyles, more efforts will be needed. You can buy a woman mannequin with long hair so that you can practice various kinds of hairstyles on it. 

Based on understanding your requirements, you can just begin practicing. If you are a beginner, just starting to learn hair cutting and confused about how to take the first steps. We have some suggestions. 

Ask a professional hairstylist for help

You can even be an apprentice of a professional hairdresser if you are interested in this job and aim to do well. You can find a hairstylist in salons near your house. Besides, if you want to learn haircutting systematically, you can attend classes in specialized schools. There will be teachers helping you get a good start. 

Self-study through videos and articles

Another approach to learn is to watch videos or to read relevant books by yourself at home. The advantage is that you do not have to pay money and the time for study is flexible. There are many videos on youtube sharing tips on hair cutting. You can buy the same hair cutting mannequin as that of Youtuber and follow their teaching steps. 

You can also buy a book introducing entry hairstyles in which detailed information can be found. However, the disadvantage of self-study is that you do not know whether you follow teaching steps correctly. It takes a longer time for you to master the tricks of making hairstyles. If you can find a partner to learn together, it will be better. You can point out each other’s weaknesses and make progress more quickly. 


A hair cutting mannequin is necessary for beginners learning to make hairstyles. It is a perfect tool to train haircutting skills and help you make progress. In this article, we have introduced how to select the mannequin head you need and shared some tips on learning hair cutting. We hope the content can be helpful to you and you can buy the model head you are contented with.