February 27, 2020

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Among the entire consumer group, women account for 90% of shopping. For a family, the hostess will assume to take the task of purchasing clothes for the entire family. So, how can the design and placement of fashion mannequins attract the attention of most of women? The following three suggestions are Qingdao Huayang Joint International Trade Co., Ltd. teach you how to display and mannequin and mannequin heads:

At the first: Use creative costume mannequins instead of human models. A creative costume mannequin will directly attract consumers' eyes and then walk into the store to check the Clothing. However, the clothing mannequins used by most businesses are all in one pose, and it is difficult to attract customers’ eyes. Qingdao Huayang Joint International Trade Co., Ltd. can be professionally customized according to customers’ needs, truly personalized and fully customized.

At the second: Use more bright and warm colors. Most women pay special attention to the color in the window. Therefore, the display of clothing models must be matched with lighting and decoration. Most women prefer warm tones and bright tones, which is why people like to go to KFC. KFC's tones are warm tones. Because warm tones such as red and yellow have a warm feeling, and bright tones such as yellow and orange make people feel relax. Warm and bright colors give persons a gorgeous feeling; contrary to warm and bright tones, cold tones such as blue, green and other colors that people feel cold, dark tones such as dark blue, blue green, blue and purple make people feel depressed, cold and dark tones make persons feel more simple.

At the third: Use bright colored lights. Bright lights can creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. And it makes the store more dreamy, which can attract customers eyes and let them go into the stores. What’s more, bright lights make the clothing more beautiful, then customers will want to buy them.

The above three tips introduce that how to display Mannequins. Let’s do it!

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