How to distinguish 100% real human hair, mixed hair and chemical fiber hair

July 30, 2020

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There are three types of wigs on the market, including differentiated fiber wigs, 100% real hair wigs, and mixed hair.

1. Gloss, the color of chemical fiber is bright, it will reflect under the light, and the gloss of real human hair under the light is the same as usual.

2. Hairstyles. Hairstyles made from chemical fiber hair are more docile and dull. Hairstyles made from real human hair are elegant and natural.

3. Shape, chemical fiber hair is not easy to deform at the beginning, after a few months of use, if the shape changes, it can no longer be restored. Real human hair can be washed, cut, blown, permed, dyed, and changed at will according to your requirements. .

4. Weight, real human hair is very light, the same hairstyle real human hair is less than half the weight of chemical fiber hair.

5. Comfortable, chemical fiber hair is made by machine, with one layer covering one layer. It uses a lot of materials and hair volume, which is not easy to dissipate heat and is stuffy. Real human hair is crocheted by hand, with only a thin layer of base material. The hair is also small, so it is very breathable and comfortable.


There is also a mixture of chemical fiber hair and human hair (mixed hair). This is more difficult to distinguish. Generally, the base material used for mixed hair is mostly coarse mesh material for the bottom of the net. For 100% human hair, the net material is generally selected as soft. Net material.


The mechanism of the hair is relatively single, and the handmade one can produce different effects according to different requirements.

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