Now almost every girl who loves beauty has mastered the skills of makeup. Every day when she goes out, she will put on a beautiful makeup and then go out. Eye makeup is especially important if you want makeup to look more attractive. Good-looking eye makeup has the finishing touch, especially the eyeliner. If you draw it well, it will make your eyes look bigger.


However, there are a lot of people who are just beginning to learn makeup and don't know how to draw eyeliner, or how to draw eyeliner in order to make it look better.


One. Beginners use eyeliner or eyeliner


1. Eyeliner

At first, the shape of the eyeliner is similar to that of a pencil. When you use it, you need to use the tip of the reel to cut off a part of it before you can use it. However, at this stage, the eyeliner has been produced using a whole refill, which makes it more convenient for people to use. The eyeliner is easy to color and easy to use. It is very suitable for friends who are just beginning to learn makeup.

However, there is a big disadvantage of eyeliner is that it is easy to faint makeup, especially for girls whose skin is more prone to oil, it is easy to cause faint makeup in eye makeup.

2. Eyeliner brush

Eyeliner is an upgraded version of eyeliner, which has been favored by girls in recent years. Its makeup color is very good, and there are very few cases of halo makeup. Coupled with its long-lasting makeup effect and smooth lines, it is a perfect eye makeup artifact. But for beginners, it may be difficult to hold it. It has a strong adhesion and is difficult to change once you put on makeup, so try to use it in one go when using your eyeliner.


Two. How to draw eyeliner for beginners


1. First choose the eyeliner that suits you. It is recommended that you can try it on your hand at the beginning. See if the eyeliner can be painted lightly, and it is very colorful. If it is difficult to paint on the hands, using it to draw the eyeliner will not be smooth, and it will easily pull the skin around the eyes.

2. When drawing eyeliner, be sure to concentrate and draw it in one go. Especially for beginners, when drawing eyeliner, it is easy to cause hand-shaking caused by hand shaking, so it is recommended that you can put your little finger on your cheek or use your elbow to rest on the table to maintain balance. It is more conducive to control and avoids skewed eyeliner drawing.

3. When the preparation is done, you can start to draw eyeliner. The eyeliner is mainly divided into three parts. First, determine the position of the eye's head, middle and end of the eye, and then divide it into three points by using an eyeliner.

4. When drawing these three points, we must first observe whether the points of the left and right eyes are on the same horizontal line. So you can put the eyeliner directly at the parallel point of the eyeliner, and then check it again by yourself.

5. After checking whether the points of the two eyes are parallel, then use an eyeliner to connect these three points, and then trace back and forth a few times. The eye line drawn in this way will be very symmetrical, and it will look smoother and more natural.