How to get a professional styling head cheap and easy to use may be the question that will be asked by most beautician school students. A styling head, just as the name implies, is a kind of mannequin head for making or practicing hairdressing. It’s not only used by beauticians to practice their skills but also by kids or adults for enjoyment. This article will tell how to get a suitable one. 

1. Much attention should be paid to the material of the mannequin heads 

As we all know, both the young and the old have lower resistance and immunity, so special attention should be paid to the material of the mannequin heads. Before you pay it, you need to double confirm it’s clean and healthful. And also, it must be made from a material that is environment-friendly and recyclable. 

To do this, it’s necessary to click the thumbnails of the products and view the full image for detailed information about the product introduction. You can also spare time to talk with the customer service staff to double confirm. Usually, you can choose from PVC manikin heads and PE head models. They are both made from plastic with separate pros and cons. 

The PVC mannequin head is designed according to a human’s head shape. To improve the credibility and realism, the inside of it is filled with foam and parceled with the plastic outside. The PE head models are made from plastic PE material. It’s a kind of high-quality and environment-friendly, raw material. It’s not easy to fade. Both of them are handmade with special workmanship for you to choose from. 

2. Watch the hair of the styling head

When you buy a professional styling head cheap and easy to use, you need to double confirm that the hair has been rigorously cleaned and sterilized per hygiene standards. There’re two options for the hair material of the doll heads to ensure quality. One is 85%  special human hair and 15%  synthetic hair, and the other one is 100% real human hair. Both of them can easy to make the hairstyles you want. 

Then it comes to the density of the hair. Usually, there’re 2 kinds of densities of the head models. The deluxe one and the standard one. The deluxe one is about 200-220 hairs/cm² and the standard one is 160-190 hairs/cm². You can choose the right one according to your budget. The standard one is 16-18 inches, while it’s 22-24inches for the deluxe. It’s advised to choose the standard one for kids, as they are easy to handle. 

3. Shopping online to make a comparison 

Nowadays, shopping online has become more and more popular. It is never too exaggerated to emphasize that you can buy anything you want from online shops. Many businessmen even promise to deliver purchase orders with no shopping charges. Shopping online can be used as an efficient alternative to buying a professional styling head cheap and easy to use. 

3 websites are used most commonly to buy professional styling heads just listed below. They are eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. They are all famous online auction and shopping websites that allow people around the world to buy and sell goods online. All kinds of mannequins can be found there. 

Usually, there’re two types of mannequin heads. One kind is used for display and the other kind is used for cosmetology. If you want to search for a model head to display wigs, hats, scarves, sunglasses, and so on, you can put a display head or mannequin head for display in the searching box. If you want to find a mannequin head for hairstyling, you can enter a cosmetology head or styling head. That will save a lot of time. 

After searching, you will get a list of mannequin heads used for hairstyling. You can sort them in the order of price from low to high. Then study the functions of each of them. Finally, you will get the best one reasonable in price and good in quality. 

All the above is the advice on how to get a professional styling head cheap and easy to use. You can also buy styling heads at traditional stores to get a more intuitive feeling. With the development of cosmetology, more and more mannequin heads are produced and used. If you are interested in that, the following website is for your information.