How to install and maintain mannequin model props

February 29, 2020

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  Care must be taken during the use of the model.When assembling or disassembling the model, try to place each model's parts on a soft object as much as possible to avoid hurting or scratching the model's props due to the excessive force. The edges and corners are the easiest to collapsing and cause a gap.

  When placing model props in the mall, try to place it on the side (that is, the place that is not easy to be knocked or tripped by customers), because the model is fragile. If it falls down, the accessories of each interface are most likely to fall off and cause Models are unavailable.

  Try not to place the model's props in a place where the direct sunlight or the spotlight is too strong.If it is often illuminated, the surface of the model will change color.

When the model props are accidentally soiled, you can clean it by the following methods.

   The above content is the knowledge shared by the model prop manufacturers about how to maintain the model props. In addition, the surface of the model is white paint, depending on whether the model has just been used or has been used for a long time. The surface can be wiped gently with a clean wet cloth or eraser. When using the eraser, be careful to wipe gently. Otherwise, the part you wiped will be much brighter than other places; if it has been used for a long time, it can be cleaned Wash with a damp cloth and a little detergent, because white models that have been used for too long will turn yellow.

   When the surface of the model props is painted in other colors, it is most common to use rubber and detergent to clean it, because white models that have been used for too long will turn yellow.

   When the model's surface is painted in other colors, the most common use is rubber and detergent. However, there are some more stubborn ones that cannot be removed. At this time, you can consider cleaning with universal water. Pay attention to the concentration of universal water. If it is too strong, it must be Add water for dilution and cleaning, otherwise the paint will be washed off!

There are certain skills to install the model display props. Let's introduce them separately:

 How to install model props?

First, install the model prop base: use the screws to install the model support on the ground, and be sure to tighten the screws (the model will not tilt).

Then install the lower body: place the feet with hips on the ground, hold the waist of the model props against your body, then hold the other leg of the model props to the joint and twist to fit. On the base.

Finally, install the upper body: Connect the upper body to the lower body, twist it to fit, and then install two arms.

How to show models clothes :

Wear pants: If the distance between the two feet of the model prop is relatively large, you should disassemble one of the feet, put the two feet in the pants, and then install the feet. If the two feet of the model are apart, Small, you do n’t have to take your feet apart and put on your pants.

Wear clothes: first open one hand of the model, do not remove the other hand (Note: the fingers are more open, you must remove the palm to avoid breaking the fingers), then put the sleeves on the hands of the unopened model, Insert the unraveled model's hand into the other sleeve, and finally attach the arm to the model. Finally, fasten the buttons and zip up, then organize the clothes, so that's it

How to maintain the model display props?

Be careful when using it, and pay special attention not to hit the model joint.

When placing models in the mall, place them as far as possible.

As long as you pay attention to these when using clothing model props, there will not be too many problems.

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