If you want to know how to make a realistic human dummy, first you need to define what you mean by the word realistic. Are you expecting that you can DIY your way into making a dummy that can pass as a body double in a modern Hollywood movie? Then that's not possible. But if by realistic you mean something that looks like a real human being from afar, then that's a doable project. And that's what you'll learn from this short guide. You don't need to have any special talent to make a dummy. And you also don't need to have special tools and materials either. 

In the method below, you're going to need some blankets or pillows. Choose those that you're not using anymore. You will also need some old clothes. And then you need to follow the steps written below. 

Step 1 

You will need two blankets. What you need to do is to roll up the blankets into tubes. For this project, thin blankets will work better than thick ones because they are easier to roll. You need to roll the blankets lengthwise. After rolling the blankets into a tube shape, you need to fold them over so they can fit snugly inside your pant legs. So if you can find blankets that are about twice the length of your pant legs then that would be ideal. 

Step 2 

The next thing that you need to do is to pull the blankets through the legs of the pants. You need to use one blanket for each of the legs of your pants. Now your dummy already has legs. It's time to move on to the body. 

Step 3 

For the next step, you'll need a large square pillow. This will serve as the waist of your dummy. You need to stuff the pillow inside the waist of your pants. If you don't have a pillow then what you can do is to get a large plastic bag and then stuff it with newspaper or smaller plastic bags. To make your dummy look realistic, you need to fill it up well. 

Step 4 

For the next step, you'll need a hoodie and another large pillow. For this step, you'll be making the torso of your dummy. You need to stuff the pillow inside the body of the hoodie. 

Step 5 

Now you need to make the arms of the dummy. For this step, you'll need 2 blankets again. Roll up the blankets and then stuff them inside the arms of the hoodie. 

Step 6 

If there are any empty spaces in your dummy, you need to fill them up with a newspaper. This will help in making your dummy look realistic. 

Step 7 

The next thing that you need to do is to secure the fillings and make sure that they won't fall out. You'll need plastic bags for this. Secure the bags by tying them around the pants and the hoodie. Then you should wrap the plastic bags with duct tape. 

Step 8 

Now you need to put the torso and the lower part of the dummy together. So what you need to do is to tuck the torso into the pants. And then to secure the two parts, you need to wrap them with duct tape. At this point, you shouldn't be concerned about the figure of the dummy. You can still improve on the figure when you dress it up.

Step 9 

Next, you need to place a milk jug into the hood of the dummy. You need to pull the hood over the front and side of the jug. 

Step 10 

The last step in how to make a realistic human dummy is to dress up the dummy. You need to put pants and shirt over your dummy to make it look more realistic. You can also give it a hat or accessories. 

There are many possible reasons why anyone would want to know how to make a realistic human dummy. Maybe you're going to use it for Halloween or for the next holiday season. Or maybe you're doing a home movie. Or maybe it's for a school project. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to make a human dummy or mannequin, now you know that it can be done. And there are more than one way to do it. But the method above is the easiest because it uses materials that are just lying around in your home.