There are a variety of ways to style a wig placed on a dome mannequin head. You can try braiding on it, tie it up to a ponytail, make a class up to do, or simply wear it down as it is. The method of styling a wig is a little bit different process than styling your natural hair. You can easily get used to the styling of the wig by learning a few tricks and tools. 

Styling different wigs placed on a Dome Mannequin Head

From cleaning the wig to setting it with heated rollers, many fancy and classic styles can be done on different wigs. When it comes to creating a big voluminous look from wigs, most celebrity hairstylist uses synthetic wigs to give a boosted look. If you want easy-to-handle wigs for styling on cork display heads, then you must try natural human hair wigs. Here are different styling methods for different wigs:


1. Styling a synthetic wig



● It will be beneficial for you if you will start initial styling on a foam mannequin head. Styling the wig on a foam mannequin will provide you clear views and enough space from all angles for styling. 

● You should go for a brush made of stainless steel rather than using a normal brush when styling synthetic hairs. Start brushing smoothly from the top to the roots of the wig. When you will brush the synthetic wig each hair will wake up and will give voluminous look. 

● You should avoid using any styling products on synthetic wigs pinned on a dome mannequin head as they are inexpensive and don’t last for a longer period. And using styling products on it will destroy it faster.

● Don’t use heat enduring products or hairspray on synthetic hair. Instead of using heating tools, you can go for steaming. If you will use hair curlers or straighteners then the synthetic fibers of the wig will be ruined. Steaming will help in preventing frizz and rough hairs. 

● You should buy a handled steamer similar to that used for removing wrinkles if you are a daily user of synthetic wigs. You can use foam rollers for curling by placing the cork mannequin model in steam. After the steaming let the wig dry and cool down and then remove the rollers.


2. Styling a Lace Front Wig


● Bleaching the knots or lace on your wig will help in hiding them. Bleached knots or lace will blend into your scalp color by removing the black dots. It will be wrong to say that bleaching is effective only on light skin tone instead you can use it on any skin tone.

● Mix equal parts of bleach and volume developer in a bowl and apply the bleach on the knots by using an applicator brush that usually comes with the bleach. Be careful while applying so it doesn’t ruin the foam head display. After the knots turn blonde, thoroughly rinse the wig upside down. 

● Heat styling tools are used only on human hair wigs. You can style the human hair wig in your desired style by using flat straighteners or curlers. Make sure that your wig is completely dry before applying heating tools to prevent excess damage and burns. Complete the hair straightening by applying the straightener on each 1-inch section of hair. 

● Clamp the curling down on each 1-inch section of hairs from the middle of the dome mannequin head. Complete the curling by wrapping the end section around the wand. Repeat this process on every section until all the hairs are properly curled. 

● If you feel the open hair to be messy then you can go for a ponytail or tie a bun. You can try side ponytails and side buns for a trendier look by doing French from the front. You can use bobby pins to make the wig look natural at the nape of your neck.


Bottom Line 

You can buy also buy cheap costume wigs for more easy and comfortable handling. You can style them by trimming from the front after placing them on easily available dome mannequins for better grip and clear angles. You should buy a human hair wig if you want your wig to last longer. Synthetic hair wigs will be better for the party and occasional events.