A professional mannequin head with hair is a very necessary item to have if you are a beautician, a professional cosmetologist, hairdresser or a barber.

How to train yourself

The best way to train yourself by a professional mannequin head with hairs is to use the mannequin head for cutting, dyeing and styling of the hairs. The ideal situation would be if the hairs of the mannequin head are 100% human hair which makes a more realistic experience for the hairdresser. The mannequin head with hair should come with a stand as it would make it easier to adjust to the required height making it an ideal situation.

Where to buy the hair

The product can be bought at a local store near your house or you can browse it online and order through fashion websites or E-stores seeing your convenience selecting from multiple sizes, colors and materials to pick the best one. Mannequins head with hair can be bought at a local fashion store or a mall nearby your home, but since the advent of the internet and online shopping, the problem of being stuck in the traffic, looking through a number of samples in the shops, waiting a long time at the checkout and many more problems like these have been eliminated. You can easily browse your favorite product from your computer and contact the seller and have a very fast delivery to your doorstep.

What can be done with the mannequin head with hairs?

The professional mannequin head with hairs can be used for training in different purposes, which include cutting, dyeing and styling.

Cutting can be practiced efficiently by a professional mannequin head with hairs by any barber scissors as its ends can be cut and into different layers as well, different haircuts can be practiced on it too.

Dying the hair is also a key element in professional cosmetology 100% Human hairs are easier to color with many dies as the dies are initially made to be used on the human hairs. Mannequin heads are also available in different colors making them easier to bleach and color as well.

When it comes to styling, the human hair mannequin head is suitable for all kinds of styling tools. They can be easily styled as they easily go through every styling equipment like the hairdryer, straightener, curler, etc.

What to do with the Mannequin head with hairs

After the mannequin head has been delivered to your doorstep, the next thing to do is to wash the hair of the mannequin from a shampoo which has moisturizing properties, kindly avoid the use of local shampoos which has alcohol in it. Later regularly comb the hair of the mannequin with a wide-tooth comb as it will also reduce the hair loss and improve the quality of the hair.

  • Try to wash the mannequin hairs as soon as you can, use a shampoo which has moisturizing effects.
  • Avoid using shampoos that contain alcohol.
  • Do not let the wig of the mannequin out in sunlight as it will affect its quality and cause hair to fall.
  • Comb the hair of the mannequin head with a wide-tooth comb which will maintain the quality of the hairs and would reduce hair fall as well.
  • Do not use iron-on hairs as the hairs would stick to it and fall off.


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The blog tells how to train yourself by a professional mannequin head with hairs which would allow you to practice cutting, dyeing and styling for hairdressers and barbers. We also learned about the ways a mannequin head must be used effectively and what precautions to take while using it.