Using a mannequin can do a lot for a retail store. If you're selling clothes, accessories, and other fashion items, it's almost imperative for you to have mannequins in your shop. Investing in them can boost your business and increase your sales. But there is a right and a wrong way to use mannequins. If you use them the wrong way, then you'll be wasting the money you invested in them. It's not enough that you place mannequins in your shop at random spots. That's being lazy. You need to plan things carefully if you want to maximize the money you've invested in mannequins. 

The first thing that you need to consider is positioning. You need to position the different elements in your store in a creative manner. You also need to think of how you can better attract the attention of your customers. What you need is an artful eye. If you think you don't have one then what you can do is ask for help. Hire an interior decorator who can creatively and efficiently arrange the different elements in your store. If you will simply line up the mannequins in one row, then it would like they are preparing to be shot by a firing squad. This won't do your business any good. 

The mannequins should mix well with the other elements in your store. If there is furniture in your shops like a couch or chair, then you need to make sure that a mannequin is not blocking it and preventing your customers from using it. The look of your mannequins must match the overall theme of your shop. Or else, they may stand up like sore thumbs. You don't want this to happen because if it does, you may lose customers instead of attracting them. You also need to take care of the lighting. There's no use in dressing up your mannequins if they are not going to be seen by the customers because of poor lighting. 

If your store has a window, then you should maximize it by using mannequins for window display. If you're competing with several shops for attention, then you really need to dress up your mannequin for them to catch the attention of customers. You need to keep in mind that the purpose of a window display is to catch the attention of people who are just walking by. They must become interested enough for them to enter your store and browse your goods. 

You need to place your mannequins at strategic angles. And as far as the products that you'll use for the mannequins, you need to put on the best and the latest in your collection. And whatever you do, you should aspire for some level of organization on your window display. You should avoid having a window display that looks cluttered. You don't want to give customers the impression that your store is cramped. You need to resist the urge of crowding your window display with mannequins. Maybe one to two mannequins will do. 

You also need to place mannequins on your sales floor. You need to place them in a prominent spot but you should avoid having them block the pathway of your customers. Or else, you run the risk of having irritated customers. The main purpose of the mannequins on the store floor is to demonstrate how the clothes and other products will look like on real people. So you need to put ample space around them to allow people to look at and study them in detail. You should also get mannequins that can be made to pose in different positions. Then you should arrange the mannequins in such a way that it looks like they're interacting with each other. This will give the mannequins a more human-like appearance. 

Now that you know how to use a mannequin properly in your store, it's time for you to get one or several. You need to choose a reputable mannequin shop, whether it's near you or online. You need to make sure that the mannequins you'll get are made with durable materials. Mannequins also come in different styles. You can get a realistic-looking mannequin or you can get an abstract one. The choice should depend on the overall theme of your store.