After receiving your doll head for braiding, the next issue which arises is how to use it from the time of opening the package to braiding it. This blog will explain how to use a doll head for braiding.

Why Doll Head

A doll head will help you try and experiment with different styles and colors before actually testing them on a real person. This helps the hairdresser or the beautician to know the pros and cons of their new design or cut and makes them more prepared.

What is the smell?

One issue the customers often face is the bad odor coming from the doll hair as they open their package. This is only due to the high-temperature sterilization of the wigs and the doll done before which will eventually go away after a couple of washes by a shampoo.

What to do after opening the package

The first thing to do after opening a package is to instantly wash the hair of the doll with shampoo or soap which has hydrating properties. One thing to keep into account when using shampoos is to not use the shampoos which contain alcohol as they will cause the wig of the doll to dry and hair would start to come off.

How to avoid hair fall

Any doll or mannequin hairs are guarantee to fall and the only solution to avoid that is to regularly comb the hair of the doll by a wide-tooth comb. Start the hair from the hair trip and move up slowly. A new doll will be having more hair fall but as time goes on it will stop or reduce largely. Also, avoid pulling the hair at any time because it will cause a lot of hair fall.

How to use the doll head

The doll head needs to be covered by a scalp on which a wig would be placed. The doll head can be used for braiding by the salon owners as it contains artificial synthetic hair, giving a feeling like the real head. Thus the hair needs to be first washed with shampoo. Then the hair should be dried by the use of a hairdryer and towels. Make sure not to allow water to reach the scalp during drying. After the hairs are dried, use a comb to brush it from the bottom to start and the hair is ready to be braided and used the way you want.

Tips for braiding, dyeing and cutting

  • Place the head on a stand and use a small brush to distribute the hair to either side of the head
  • Select the amount of hair you need to make a braid and make one.
  • Make a number of braids on the hair and use rubber bands and hair catchers.
  • The wig can be used to make curls and patterns by the use of a hair curler and can be straightened by a straightener as both of them are completely applicable on the wig
  • The hair can also be used to test cutting and by the use of scissors and comb, hairs can be cut or made a pattern.
  • Must use professional cleaning oil and shampoos after performing the operations.


  • Don’t pull the hair.
  • Don’t take the doll and wig in the sunshine.
  • Avoid using a regular comb; use a special wide-tooth comb.
  • Don’t use alcoholic shampoo to wash the hairs.

About J&F Co.

We are a company that operates worldwide in 20 countries and operational since 1997. Our E-Store ( ) contains a variety of training heads made up of human hair or synthetic hair and even a mixture of them. We provide the best quality wigs and doll heads for trainings to be used by makeup artists and beauticians at your doorstep through online orders.


Human hair and synthetic hair doll heads can be used for braiding, dyeing and cutting as well. The doll head would be covered by a wig and it would need to be washed first by a shampoo and later combed to make the hair ready to be braided.