Hair art dolls for hairstyling? Practice on these head mannequins is simply the best and most cost-effective way to perfect hairstyling skills. These dolls come in a variety of hair colors, hairstyles, skin tones, and facial features so that students can learn to style hair according to parameters like race, color, or age group.

What are Hair Art Dolls?

Hair art models are hair accessories modeled after real hair mannequin heads that have space for hair. Using these dolls is a great way to practice hair styling and hair products before you try on your own hair.

Head mannequins make hairstyling fun! You can have a doll that has the same hair color as you, so it's easy to take care of hair like you would want to. Taking good care of your hair is important for maintaining healthy hair and preventing damage.

Mannequin heads are also excellent models to use if you're practicing applying makeup or learning about makeup application techniques. Start by learning about the different types of hair art models available in the market.

Types of 3D Head Dolls

In practicing hair techniques, these hair art mannequins are perfect for many hairstyles. Some mannequin heads have detailed hair. Others do not, but this provides you an opportunity to learn how to style hair on a mannequin being like a professional hairstylist!

Typical types of hair art dolls include:

Basic mannequin heads with no hair - these are perfect models for practicing hair styling techniques on long, flowing locks. J&F Co. also has 3D head mannequins that are easy to style and reasonably priced. The company carries a variety of styles, such as PVC, PE, "Block", and BLG heads.

Training head 3D models - These are head 3D models that provide realistic modeling of the head and neck. This head type is manufactured for surgical training exercises but can be used in practicing various hairstyling techniques to train your hairstylist skills. You can find the best training head 3D's here. They offer a wide range of training head 3D models, with human hair, synthetic, or mixed hair depending on your preference.

Tools in Styling Head 3D Models


Wigs currently on the market have come a long way from wigs of the past. Today, wigs can be made to look completely natural. The most popular wig styles include straight and layered bob; chin-length bob; short and asymmetrical lob (long bob). The wigs sold by J&F Co. are made of synthetic hair and come in a variety of styles. Click here to find the perfect match for your hairstyling practice!

Makeup Tools for Head 3D Models

These are used to make beautiful mannequin heads. One of those is blush makeup. Brushes for head 3D models are makeup tools used to apply makeup on doll mannequin heads. They come in different facial makeup designs and styles. You can buy makeup brush sets here.

How to Care for 3D Head Mannequins

It's important to keep these model heads clean and dust-free, especially ones that have been used for hairstyling experiments. Dust and build-up on hair extensions make them less useful in real life because they won't blend with real human hair so well.

Keep your head mannequins clean by using a hairdryer in a cool setting to create airflow.

Use hair extensions that are 100% human hair and not artificial hair, as they may get tangled or lose their color. Remember to use quality hair products designed for hair extensions to keep them beautiful and shiny. For instance, you can use hair products such as detanglers.

Why Use Hair Art Dolls?

They are excellent practice tools for hairstylists. If you want to get the most out of your hair styling product, you will be practicing on hair art doll heads or hair doll hair wigs. It makes sense because this gives you a realistic look at what your hairstyle design may look like on a real person.

They save time

They save money

They are cheap

There's no need to create additional expenses by purchasing human models for practicing hairstyling skills (models cost money)

Hair artists can practice styling techniques anytime they want


Head 3D mannequins are essential hair styling tools that every hair artist should have. These head models can help you work on hair skills and techniques anytime, anywhere, without any inconvenience or additional expenses!

Dolls are no longer just young girls' best friends. Turn them into your hair model today and see how much more you'll discover about hairstyling.