How to Wear and Take Care of Wigs

February 07, 2020

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In this article, I will introduce some tips of wearing and take care of the wigs. Hope these can help you.


Wig wearing:

Generally speaking, you need to wear a hair net before wearing wig, which will make the effect much better.

(1)  Making the whole hair net round the neck;

(2)  Making the edge of hair net which with a rubber string to press the bun, make the real hair inside hair net;

(3)  Carry the other edge up to make all the real hair inside the hair net, and use your hands to knead the hair regularly. Using the black clip to fix on the closing position, to avoid the hair net to fall.

(4)  Patting the really hair gently in front of the mirror to make it fitting well and keep the head shapely and smooth. As the elastic of the hair net edge is large, please also use clips to fix it to avoid the hair net to fall.

  As the wig packing finished directly after production, the hair is neat and tidy. Please to carry out the following operations to make the hair fluffy before wearing.


Wig Care

1. Take care of the wig

Short hair & Man hair: Hold the position of adjusting. Bobbing the wig up and down, if you want to make the top hair more fluffy, please to comb the end of top hair backwards.

Long hair: When open the packing, please use your hand to hold the inside of the wig and shake it gently.

Straight hair: Please to comb the hair from up to down.

Curly hair: Please don’t use a Comb, only use your finger to arrange the hair gently when shaking it.

  Some little hair will fall down when first time take care of the wig. This is a normal phenomenon. But this problem will disappear after several times of this.

2. After taking care of the wig, please adjust the elastic buckle inside the hair net to the last position, and wear to feel it. Before wearing the wig you can adjust the buckle to the suitable position. When wearing the wig, please adjust the interlining beside the ear from front to back to make sure the wig to be wore correctly.

3. Please use your hand to press the front fringe, and pull the hair net from the back of the head to the neck where close to the end of the hair.

4. Fixing up the wig after wearing.

5. Long hair: Please keep some hair in the front two sides and back to make the wig looks natural on your head. Please comb the straight hair but not curly hair. For short hair, please comb the hair on the surface by a professional comb, then make the hair freely by hand. That is ok.

  For the front fringe: It is easily to stay close to the forehead when the first time wearing. Please use your finger to poke it from the middle. After several days, it will be ok and looks natural.


Wig cleaning

1. The wig is not easy to clean. It needs to be washed 1-2 times/month if you wear it regularly, only need to be washed once half a year. Please straighten out the hair before washing.(use comb for straight hair and fingers for curly hair)

2. Please put the wig in the mild water which with normal shampoo for 10 mins, and rub the hair net softly and gently, but not hair. Please remember to keep your action gently, don’t press it. Don’t keep the wig in the water for long time, otherwise the hair will easily fall down.

3. Wash the wig, then put it in the mild water which with hair condition for 5 mins, then wash it again.

4. Put the clean wig on a professional bracket, use a dry towel to suck the moisture, and put it in a draft, avoiding the sunshine.

5. After 80% dry, please use your hands to fix the hair and use a steel tooth comb to make the hair smooth.

Spray the cleaning free hair care liquid, and keep it dry completely to make feeling and color of the wig in a good 

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