Can a mannequin display case for sale improve the value of your store? While not a necessary element of a fashion boutique, a doll display cabinet comes with a range of advantages that can make the commercial space more attractive and keep the mannequin in safety. So if you are not sure yet whether a display case is worth a try, here are some considerations that may help you change your mind.


1. Adds appeal

A mannequin case is generally used for its role in improving the appeal of the doll and clothes in the store. The transparent glass gives the impression of looking through the display window of a chic clothing boutique which adds a touch of luxury in the appearance of the manikin. Moreover, the display case is illuminated with LED lights which make the whole picture even more attractive.


2. Highlights the displayed clothes

A display case with LED illumination helps draw the whole attention of the visitors to the clothes. The lighting makes the mannequin become the centerpiece of the entire retail space, so when someone enters the store, the first thing he or she will look at is the fancy blouse, the elegant nightdress or the stylish shirt brightened up by the display case LEDs. The lights have another benefit of helping you save on electricity bills. Having the garment illuminated, you can dim down the light in other places of the store, which will positively affect your monthly bills.   


3. Protects the dummy

Another benefit a mannequin display case for sale provides is protection. Being encased in a box of glass, the mannequin is safe against impacts that may fell it to the ground. No matter the durability of the doll, an impact can always harm it, at least with some tiny scratches. The case also protects the dummy and clothes from touching. It's a common habit among store visitors to touch the manikin and the clothes on it to analyze their texture. However, touching can lead not only to fingerprints but also too tough stains.


For example, a visitor has just eaten some chocolate and hasn't cleaned his or her hands after it. He or she approaches the mannequin and touches it with his or her dirty hands, leaving a hard-to-remove spot. For people that come with kids in the store, the risk of staining the doll and garment is even higher. A stained mannequin and clothes cost the store owner time and money on cleaning.


If the stain is impossible to remove, either because it's too tough or the fabric of the clothing item is too sensitive, the store owner will have to throw the garment piece into the trash bin and replace it. With that in mind, investing in a mannequin display case seems a wise decision. The case will keep people from touching and staining the clothes and prevent fingerprints on the mannequin.


4. Prevents stealing

An important role of doll display cabinets is preventing stealing. Unfortunately, some store visitors choose to steal accessories or pieces of the garment instead of paying for them. Small fashion items like mini bags, clutches, and jewelry are most at risk of being stolen. Encasing the mannequin these items are displayed on in a glass cabinet with all security systems in place would disappoint shoplifters and make them leave the store with empty hands. Opening the case is impossible for random people due to advanced security mechanisms built in it that allow only store employees to receive access to what's inside.


Closing thoughts

If you ask whether a mannequin display case for sale is worth a place in your retail store, the answer is definitely yes. The case comes with a bunch of benefits related both to the store's appeal and the store's safety. For one, the illuminated glass cabinet highlights the clothes or fashion accessories displayed on the mannequin, making them more attractive and rich-looking. This inevitably stimulates the number of potential customers that visit the store and increases sales. At the same time, the locked case makes it impossible for shoplifters to steal from the mannequin and prevents people from touching and staining the doll and displayed pieces, which may lead to additional cleaning efforts and even irreparable damage.