Should I buy a mannequin bust or a full-body mannequin? If you have this dilemma, you are among many store owners that want to get the best value from the manikin they invest in. To ensure you pay for the right display doll, you have to know your needs well and decide on your expectations regarding the dummy. While a full-body mannequin seems a better option due to its attractive look, there are situations when a mannequin torso would do the trick better.


When it's best to use a mannequin bust?

A mannequin torso has only the upper part of the body, hence, its display potential is limited. If your store specializes in selling lower-body clothes, a dummy torso is definitely not what you have to look for. This kind of mannequin is suitable only for retail facilities that sell upper-body garments. If you sell all types of clothes, from headwear to shirts to pants, you are best to choose a full-body mannequin. It will allow you to create outfits and display them for people's view to stimulate their imagination. Buying only-legs manikins and only-torso manikins separately is not a good idea from the commercial point of view.


A mannequin bust would be a preferable choice if you have a tight budget. Consisting just of the upper body, the dummy comes at a lower price than a full-body mannequin. However, be ready to invest in a stand to display the mannequin at the visitors' eye level. If your retail space is limited, you may also feel better buying dolls made up only of the torso, as they are smaller, require less storage space, and are easy to carry from one place to another. You can also buy a mannequin torso for home use. It is cheap and allows you to store a wide variety of items, including clothes, headgear, sunglasses, headphones, and jewelry.


Articulated or non-articulated?

When it comes to choosing the best mannequin torso, you will have to decide which mannequin suits your needs best - an articulated or a non-articulated one. The nice thing about an articulated dummy is that you can change the position of the arms and head to create different poses that satisfy the style of clothes that are displayed on the mannequin. Also, by changing the positions of the arms or neck, you can highlight a piece of jewelry or clothing. For example, to emphasize the beauty of a bracelet, you will raise the hand of the dummy so that the visitors can admire and analyze it. However, keep in mind that an articulated doll requires more maintenance and it's easier to break due to fragile joints.


Plastic or fiberglass?

The price, durability, and appeal of the mannequin bust differ depending on what material it's made of. Fiberglass is a more expensive option, but it provides a more authentic look given no luster on its surface that makes it resemble human skin. So, if you want the manikin to add aesthetic value to clothes and attract more visitors, you are best off to go for a fiberglass doll. However, fiberglass is not as durable as plastic, so an impact can cause significant damage.


On the other hand, plastic busts are cheaper, but they are shiny, as they are very good at reflecting light. The excess luster makes the mannequin look not realistic and not as attractive for potential customers. Still, plastic dolls perform better in terms of resistance to various threats, like impacts, scratching, and rubbing. Speaking of cleaning, both mannequins are easy to clean, requiring a simple detergent and warm water to remove the dirt. However, it's fair to mention that fiberglass manikin attracts more dust and dirt than plastic one, and it is easy to leave scuff marks on it.


Bottom line

A mannequin bust is a great choice for displaying clothes and fashion accessories. Depending on your needs and budget, you will have choose the material of the dummy and whether it will be articulated or not. If you want to make the clothes more attractive, you are better off opting for a realistic fiberglass dummy torso. However, if durability and low price stand on top of your priority list, a plastic doll would satisfy your needs perfectly.