A life-size child mannequin is designed to store child clothes and accessories. But have you ever thought of using a kid-size dummy for practicing your beauty skills? Well, this may be considered a lifehack as a small doll comes with many advantages for make-up students. Some drawbacks also exist. To help you analyze best this idea, we come up with an article revealing the pros and cons of using a real-size child dummy for cosmetology training.




1. Save make-up

A nice thing about working with a child dummy is that you have to apply less make-up than on an adult-size head model. This allows you to save money on products but also gives you the chance to try more make-up styles during a practice session.


2. Easy make-up removal

Make-up removal takes a big deal of your time during a cosmetology class. You can't start a new style until the previous one is completely removed from the dummy. The more product you apply, the longer it will take to get rid of it. If you work with a kid dummy, make-up removal is much easier due to the smaller amount of product you apply.


3. Cheaper

If your budget is tight or if you are not sure whether a practice course is worth your time and money, you are good to start with an inexpensive life-size child mannequin. You won't get only a lower price comparing to an adult doll head, but will also save money on make-up and removal products given the smaller size of the child manikin. You practice a while, and if you decide that a beauty career is what you want, you can buy a professional mannequin to get a more realistic make-up application experience.


4. Helps increase precision

Another great thing about a child-size mannequin is that it allows you to train your precision. Having smaller eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose, and chicks, the dummy requires a more accurate and meticulous make-up application. While this may be annoying, it can greatly improve your skill as well as patience.


5. Portable

While an adult-size mannequin head also performs greatly in terms of portability, a child-size doll is even better, being smaller and lighter. It requires incredibly little storage space, so you will never have to worry about where to place it after finishing your make-up session. If you have to go out with the dummy head, you can place it in your backpack and not even feel its burden.




1. Less realistic experience

A kid-size dummy definitely doesn't allow you to get a fully realistic make-up application experience. Of course, the doll may be made of realistic fiberglass or PVC that offer a smooth feel like human skin, but it's not enough as long as its proportions don't correspond to what you are expected to work with as a professional make-up artist. A life-size adult mannequin is much better when it comes to making your training experience as realistic as possible. If you keep working with a tiny dummy all over the course, you will have to accostum to new face size when you switch to real clients.


2. Less stable

Being lighter than an adult mannequin, a child doll proves less stable while you are working with it. It takes a push of the finger to move it from its initial position. The only way you can stabilize it is to secure it to a stand. You can even immobilize it using some double-sided tape since it is extremely light and doesn't require much effort to be made to stay in place.


Bottom line

You can easily start practicing your make-up skills on a life-size child mannequin. It allows you to save money and spend less time on make-up removal which will make your classes more dynamic. Also, you can improve your precision by engaging in the meticulous work of applying make-up on a tiny kid manikin. However, you are not recommended to use the child dummy throughout your whole beauty course. You will have to switch to a life-size adult mannequin sooner or later to make your experience more realistic and get used to the parameters of a grown-up person's face.