Model props must be carefully guarded during use. When mannequin head model props are installed and disassembled, each model prop part should be placed on a soft object as much as possible to avoid scratching or scratching due to excessive force. Special attention is paid to each model prop The joints of parts are most likely to have gaps due to collision.


When placing model props in the mall, try to place them in places that are not easily knocked down or tripped by customers. Because model props are fragile, if they fall down, the accessories at each interface can easily fall off and make the model props unusable.


The model props should not be placed in direct sunlight or too strong spotlights. The paint on the surface of the clothing model props will change color if they are exposed frequently.


If you accidentally soil the model, you can clean it by the following methods.


1. When the surface of the model props is white, if the model props have just been used, they can be wiped gently with a clean damp cloth or rubber, and be careful to wipe gently when using the rubber; if they are used for a long time, they can be cleaned Clean with a damp cloth and a little detergent.


2. When the surface of the clothing model props is other colors, the most common is to use rubber and detergent. But there are also some stubborn ones that cannot be removed. At this time, you can consider cleaning with universal water. Pay attention to the concentration of universal water. If it is too thick, it will cause the color to fade. Be sure to add water to dilute and clean up.