Online mannequin purchase is getting more and more involved for people who want to buy human dummy. There are lots of different platforms online for you to buy the products you want. Amazon, Wish, or other online individual stores are popular for shoppers. They all have APPs on the phone thus shopping is convenient with your thumb! 

If you put “mannequin” into google, thousands of websites will bounce out waiting for you to review. It is not hard to purchase one or two heads based on your request. But if you are looking for specific items, you will need to search the keyword specifically. Black Styrofoam head is a specific word to search, it helps you narrow the target. In this case, if you search head models, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

This article will help you to enlarge your search so you can find out the most suitable human dummy and the most suitable sources to buy it. Sourcing is very important in our life! Learn it and you will save lots of time or even money! 

Online mannequin purchase in Amazon or Instagram

Let’s take Amazon as an example. If you are shopping on Amazon, what would be the first thing you do? Of course, you may search the keyword to find out your items. Just as we mentioned, you can enlarge your keyword to make your search more efficient. 

Want to buy a polystyrene head? Search this keyword instead of searching model head! To make it more detailed, you can even put color or gender to narrow it. Want to buy a mannequin with shoulders? Sometimes the searching result may not match what you need, you can try to put related words such as display stand, hat display, etc. 

Above is how you search for an item, and you can also search for bestsellers through the website. Check the weekly or monthly bestsellers in Amazon to find out the best mannequin you want. Both the above sourcing methods could help you understand what you want or what other people are buying. 

Regarding Instagram, you should know that is not only an APP for people to share or to post their life. It indeed is a new tool that helps you to discover the ideal polystyrene head stores, for example. You may find different posts about people sharing their art projects with their new-bought display stand. From their sharing, you can see how the fake heads are used and what you can do with them. 

What’s more, you can find mannequin master are selling their old human dummy on Instagram as well. If you want to buy second-hand mannequins, it is also a good choice. 

Learn from the reviews and comments

No matter where you buy the fake heads, the most important thing for the online mannequin purchase is, don’t forget to check the reviews. See if the fake heads worth buying! You can learn a lot from real comments shared by other buyers. 

Find out the good and bad points of the item as nothing is perfect! It is better to know if the mannequin polystyrene head has some scratches before you pay than you bought it back without knowing it all and it turns out a piece of garbage. To know what you buy is very important. 

Sometimes the spec on the website is not what it is, you can see whether actual head models are the same as described. By doing this, you could ask yourself whether you are ok with the potential defects of the item before buying. 

How to select the right fake heads purchase source?

Here’s how you going to shop. Hope you will find the below useful. First, like we just said, learn from the comments. It is important to find out if the mannequin is as good as it said. 

Second, do the comparison. Compare 2-3 kinds of the different fake heads. You can compare them based on finishing, material, sizes, and performances. The human dummy that easily tips over may be cheaper as the quality is not so good. 

You can compare the prices from online and local stores. Online mannequin purchase is somehow cheaper than actual stores as they do not need to rent a building, and there will some promotion in a month or two to help you save money! Right now, there are lots of new arrivals in our store with reasonable prices, click here to find out: