This mannequin top 10 features the best mannequins, mannequin heads, and dress forms available on the market today. There are many types and brands of mannequins available. It can be confusing. Hopefully, this list can help, especially first-time buyers. 

1. Giantex Half Body 

This is a mannequin that is made for the most elegant and sophisticated fashion brands. It has a glossy finish and a delicate pose that will surely make your products pop. It also has full arms, which makes it ideal to display jackets and even fancy blouses. It's also perfect for shops that are selling lingerie and other intimate pieces. But what you'll like about this is that it's very easy to clean. It also comes in a male version. It may be on the expensive side, but it's definitely worth it. 

2. Giantex White Straddle 

What you'll notice about this mannequin is that it has a very natural hand position. So unlike other mannequins, it doesn't look awkward. You'll also love that it has just the right amount of attitude as you can see from the pose. And if stability is a primary concern for you, you have nothing to worry about with this mannequin because it has a wide metal base. It has adjustable limbs to accommodate other poses. It's definitely a worthy addition to the mannequin top 10. 

3. L7 Bust 

This is one of the best mannequin busts you can get. It's perfect for showcasing premium accessories that require attention from customers. It has a pronounced clavicle that can really enhance the elegance of necklaces. It also has pierced ears to display your best earrings. It has classy makeup too. Not tacky at all. It really represents a sophisticated lady. The tanned skin tone is eye-catching too. This is perfect for those looking for a very realistic-looking mannequin bust. 

4. Roxy Display #F2/4W+WCDX 

The main feature of this mannequin is that it has wheels set on a durable chrome base. These make the mannequin easy to move around. So if you like to switch things up in your store every now and then, this will make your life convenient. Its height is also adjustable making it a very versatile mannequin. You can also easily pin stuff on it thanks to the polyurethane jersey material that covers the whole mannequin. This mannequin is ideal as a decorative top piece. It can accommodate dress sizes 2 to 4. If you're not a fan of chrome then you'll be happy to know that it comes with other bases. 

5. Roxy Display MD-FR4 

If you have a lingerie shop then you need mannequins that match the character of your products. You need beautiful mannequins with a sexy pose and a provocative look. This one from Roxy is a perfect choice. Men will surely go crazy if this mannequin comes to life. 

6. JFHeadModel DC 7645 

The first thing you'll notice about this mannequin head bust from JFHeadModel is the beautiful dark skin tone. It really is a gorgeous-looking mannequin. It's perfect for jewelry, glasses, and hats. 

7. JFHeadModel DD 496 

This mannequin head has a lighter skin tone but it's just as gorgeous as the previous mannequin. It works well as a display mannequin and as a cosmetology training head. It is made with durable PVC material with foam filling. The gorgeous makeup is hand-drawn and adds to the realism of the features. 

8. BMS Dress Form 

If you're looking for a dress form then you might as well get something as stylish as this one. It has a Paris-inspired motif, making it perfect for vintage shops. 

9. SSWBasics Molded White Shapely Form 

If you sell swimsuits or lingerie then this mannequin is a perfect option. It is easy to dress and it's affordable too. In fact, it's one of the most affordable mannequins you can buy. It's made from shatterproof plastic making it very durable. 

10. FDW Full-Body 

Completing the mannequin top 10 is this one from FDW. You'll love the beautiful and realistic facial expression on this mannequin. It has expressive eyes, luscious lips, and even gorgeous lashes. It's easy to dress thanks to its head that swivels 360 degrees. Clothes just slide on and off easily.