What is natural human beauty? For many, it's a mystery. Something that is hard to define. All people know is that they are attracted to beauty but they can't tell exactly what makes a person beautiful. The subject of beauty has been the subject of many books, songs, films, and even poems and songs. It also seems like different eras in history have different standards of beauty. Now, there are talks of body positivity and it's actually a good thing because it expands our idea of beauty. But that's not always the case. Back in the 90s, the idea of human beauty is that of a slim and tall woman. 

The beauty industry is partly to blame for some people's limited sense of beauty. The problem with the beauty industry is that it tends to focus more on the outside, that the source of beauty is on the external. This is why there's so much emphasis on makeup and hairstyle and on making one's physical appearance flawless. It's all about fixing the flaws that don't agree with people's idea of what is beautiful. This is why some people forget that true beauty is more than just skin-deep. There's actually a more holistic view of beauty and it is concerned more with what is inside than what outside. 

It's time for society to have a new definition of beauty, one that considers both internal and external factors. People should start to realize that it's really hard to have just one standard of beauty. The people on this planet are diverse. And it's important that everyone feels like they are represented. It's time to recognize that the problem with having just one standard of beauty is that some people won't be able to reach it. And they don't have to. They can be beautiful just the way they are. This may seem like a revolutionary thought but it's an essential one. 

Recognizing natural human beauty is to realize that the human race is made up of different types of people. Unless this happens then beauty will always remain exclusive and accessible only to a few people. Of course, this is something that people can't expect to happen overnight. People have a lot of work to do if they want to change the world's standard of beauty. But people need to start somewhere. And taking one small step is better than not taking any step at all. Everyone has a part to play if they want things to change. The change will require people to do some work. 

The beauty and fashion industries, it seems, have taken a big step forward. In the retail industry, for example, we now see mannequins and mannequin heads that represent a broader definition of beauty. In the past, most mannequins look like classic supermodels - white, tall, and slender. But now, it's not uncommon to see mannequins with different body types. You can also see mannequins now with darker skin tones. This is a good step forward and hopefully, it will continue. Hopefully, it will also open the eyes of more people. After all, consumers are a big group of people. The brands that are encouraging more representation in their store must be commended. 

The term natural human beauty is an interesting one. This is because humans don't always act naturally. They are often influenced by external forces. Even their idea of beauty is forced upon them. So people really want to know what natural beauty is, they have to really dig deep inside them. They have to forego the idea that beauty is only what the eyes can see. Beauty doesn't mean that one should look perfect. Even those with physical imperfections can be considered beautiful. Beauty is a quality that speaks to the heart. It's something that is felt and not just seen. 

So everyone must embrace natural beauty for what it really is. It's time that everyone expands their concept and idea of what beauty is. They should go beyond the physical and look within to find the true source of beauty. And when they do so, they'll discover that beauty is closely related to goodness and purity of the heart. It's not just having flawless skin and a curvaceous body.