Making a painted styrofoam head is not a difficult task. Some people may feel it hard to get started. Learning a few steps, you can make a special styrofoam head on your own. The following information will teach you how to paint a styrofoam head easily. 

Materials preparation

To make a vivid styrofoam head, you need firstly gather these basic materials and tools including a styrofoam head, acrylic paint, flour and water, cotton batting, tacky glue, newspaper, and, paper towel. 

First step: Make a paper mache

You need to paste newspaper on the surface of the styrofoam head. Before this, mix water and flour to get the paste. Stir the mixture until it is a bit sticky. This is quite easy. But if you want to save time, you can also buy the paste directly in a store. 

When the paste is prepared, you can rip the newspaper into pieces. The pieces should not be too small. 5-7 centimeter is good. They are used to cover the styrofoam head. You can use a brush or just use your fingers to dip some paste and then wipe the paste on the head or on the paper strips to stick the paper on the head. Repeat this step until the whole head is covered by the newspaper. 

By using a brush, you can get a smooth styrofoam head. If you want some wrinkles on the head, you can use your fingers to wrinkle the newspaper and then leave it to be dried. Newspaper is quite flexible, so you can add other kinds of effects on the head as you like. You can even change the shape of the head by piling up more newspapers in certain places. You can also make the nose longer or lips thicker. 

Be patient to wait for the dry. Do not touch the head before it is dried or you may leave some undesirable marks. 

Second step: Paint it

Decide what kind of color you would like to use and what kind of effect you would like the head to present. You can start with skin color. Yellow, brown, and white can be mixed to give you the skin color. If you want the head to be whiter, you can add more white pigment.

Also, the skin color can be decided in your favor. If you want to make it a life-like head, however, you need to mix a proper color. 

Third step: Details painting

You may find it hard in this step. Don’t worry, you can find some pictures or photos and mimic the line and color on them, which makes the painting easier. For instance, when you are painting the eyes, paint them white first for it serves as the eye white. And then you can use dark colors to paint the eyeball and pupil. The color of the pupil should be darker than the eyeball. 

You can use several sizes of painting brushes to paint such details as eyelashes, wrinkles, and eyebrows, etc. 

Fourth step: Hair and beard

Adding hair and beard or not depends on what sort of styrofoam head you want to make. Aiming to make an old man, you can glue some white cotton fibers as the beard. Before this, you can also cut a piece of cloth and glue it on the chin so that the beard can be glued tighter. After finishing these four steps, a painted styrofoam head is done. 

Decorate your painted styrofoam head

Not only for the one you make by yourself, but decorations can also be made for a purchased one. What supplies you should have? Colored gems, glue, spray paint, rag, and any other stuff you want to add. 

Keep your styrofoam head clean firstly. Then, cover its neck with spray paint. To highlight the gem, you can choose black spray paint. Glue the back of prepared gems and glue them in a certain order on the neck. All the same color gems can also be simple and decent. 

Apart from gems, you can also use some artificial flowers or dried flowers to decorate your styrofoam head. Just remember the harmony between accessories and background color, you can make a unique styrofoam head on your own.